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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Breast Augmentation

    Are you deliberating whether you need breast augmentation or not? Before you head over to the plastic surgeon, you need to be clear about why you need a boob job—being one of the most popular offered cosmetic surgeries, most if not all surgeons will inquire about why you need breast enlargement. You better not be lying because whatever the reason you give, your surgeon will advise on the best breast augmentation option.

    With so many available options, you will need to carefully look into your choices before deciding which breast augmentation procedure you will prefer. Researching is paramount, and there’s nothing else that can beat first-hand feedback from previous clients (one that was successful and one that failed). You can request your surgeon to link you with previous comfortable clients. That said, here are things you need to know before even working with a plastic surgeon.

    Inquire what type of incision your Surgeon will use

    There exist four main types of incisions, namely;

    • TUBA – Trans-umbilical breast augmentation
    • Areolar
    • Trans axillary
    • Inframammary 

    Depending on the pros and cons of all the types’ incisions available, you and your doctor will settle for the perfect option. On that same note, you should talk about the scars that remain after the incision. It is necessary to have such a conversation because it will determine which type of incision will work for you.  

    If you love to wear sexy bikinis, walk bare-breasted, and freely enjoy your wardrobe collection, areola incision will be your best fit. Since not everyone will have the opportunity for this type of incision, if you prefer tank tops, your surgeon may advise for an underarm incision. But in case you have a small areola, your surgeon may suggest a different incision due to related difficulties when performing the procedure. 

    Some Implants Are Not Safe for Your Health

    According to U.S Food and drug administration research questionnaire, states that some breast implants can trigger anaplastic large cell lymphoma – (ALCL), a type of cancer. All this information is essential to ask your surgeon before beginning any procedure, so you know what you are getting yourself into – it does not have to sound scary, but your health comes first. ALCL is not a form of life-threatening cancer; once it is carefully removed along with the scar tissue, it heals.

    There are a lot of Breast Implants

    The good news about breast augmentation is that you have a chance to decide which implant material best fits your preference and individual goals. The implant materials include;

    • Silicone
    • Autologous fat
    • Gummy bear (Cohesive gel)
    • Saline


    Silicone is one of the safe implant materials for breast augmentation. It feels original as it holds the breast in shape.

    The Autologous fat

    In this procedure, a patient requires 2 to 3 pounds of their fat. And then, the doctor injects the fat into the chest area, and after which, the patient is required to visit the doctor for touch-ups to improve breast balance.

    Cohesive gel

    Also called the gummy bear, it feels and looks like a real breast. It is also most peoples’ favorite because it holds breasts in shape over a long period.


    This is also the most preferred breast implant because if it ruptures, the saltwater is quickly reabsorbed to the body. Some patients also feel that saline is heavier, and because it ripples, wrinkles can be noticed. 

    Implants Do Not Last Forever

    Breast implants do not last forever but rather require to be switched up with new breast implants. Most doctors suggest improvement surgery after 10-12 years. Since breast implants are quite expensive, it is necessary to budget to continue feeling confident and happy about yourself. On that same note, you’ll need to get new implants in case of an implant leak.

    Breast Augmentation Never Fixes Sagging Breasts

    If you have finished breastfeeding, you may want to fix sagging boobs and enlarge them simultaneously. It is possible to do both procedures to achieve firm and in – shape breasts. Breast lift is also known as mastopexy. Mastopexy is a tightening of breast tissues by extracting excess of it, repositioning the areolas, and teats for firmly shaped breasts.

    If You Have Small Breasts, You Will Increase Them Procedurally

    While you may be fascinated with having huge boobs, it is vital to understand your breasts’ anatomy first. Your surgeon will guide you through the procedure as you transit from one size cup to another without interfering with your breast skin and muscles.