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Tips and Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

    Exercise bike workout is one of the best indoor exercise techniques and is a proven beneficial workout for people of all ages. Among different kinds of exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes provide somewhat lighten workouts and are the better choice for beginners, aged people, and for them who are suffering from serious injuries. But, it helps the same way other exercise bike workouts do. Recumbent exercise bike workout has lots of advanced benefits that are useful to improve your health condition, fitness, and extra weight loss.

    Before you start your workout, you have to know the common and basic techniques of recumbent bike workouts. Insufficient ideas won’t help you enough to get proper benefits from your workout. In this article, I will share some useful tips to help you have a beneficial recumbent stationary bike workout.

    Tips to make your recumbent workout session beneficial

    Most of the peoples can’t use recumbent exercise bikes properly, and hence they can’t get the proper benefits from their workouts. Here are some proper tips that will help you have the proper recumbent exercise bike workout at your home.

    1. Adjust the seat

    While setting up your best exercise bike recumbent, adjust the bike seat in the proper and comfortable distance. Most of the people make mistakes while adjusting their bike seat, although it takes a while. Adjust the seat in a position from where your expanded leg while far side pedaling gets somewhat bent. You can test it by sliding the seat forward and backward.

    2. Stretch it out

    Recumbent exercise bikes are like other types of exercise bikes, so you should stretch out them properly before starting your workout. You can use dynamic stretching that has various benefits. Dynamic stretching warms up the muscle and improves the muscle’s range of motion.

    3. Warm up first

    Do fall into a hard recumbent workout after just finishing the stretch out. First, start your workout by pedaling slowly. Spend at least 5 – 10 minutes by pedaling with lower resistance. Start the hard workout by seating exactly after 5-10 minutes warm-up.

    4. Workout in a proper form

    Maintain the proper workout form of riding a recumbent exercise bike. Although maintaining the proper form while the workout is so tough, but you have to maintain it to complete the workout properly. Don’t lean forward while riding the bike. Hold the handles of the bike to run the workout by seating on the proper position. 

    5. Care about the pedal resistance

    Most of the people don’t care about the resistance of the pedals even they don’t know there is something called resistance in the pedal. If you are a beginner, start your workout at slower resistance. Increase the resistance a little bit sequentially day after day. You can change the resistance a couple of times in a one-day workout; first, start slowly, then medium to high, and slower it again while finishing your workout.

    6. Maintaining the time schedule

    Maintaining the proper time schedule is one of the key points of having proper recumbent exercise bike workout. Try to make your workout session long enough. The standard time length of a workout is around 30 minutes per day. For weight loss, you can expand the workout session to 50-60 minutes.

    7. If possible, go to the gym

    If possible, you can go to the gym center. If you don’t feel good or feel lonely during your workout session, you can go to a gym. You will be able to exercise along with other peoples, and so you can get motivations and friendly time passing workouts. Besides them, you can get advanced tips from the experts.

    Some key benefits of a recumbent bike workout

    There are lots of advanced proven benefits from recumbent stationary bike workouts. Although it puts less pressure on the legs, body, and joints but it helps a lot to improve the body fitness. Here are some key benefits from a recumbent stationary bike workout.

    • Weight loss: Recumbent bike riding helps a lot to lose extra weight. It burns the extra calories and fats from the body so the weight gets lower surprisingly. Due to weight loss, it prevents diabetes risks. 
    • Boost the heart and cardio condition: These exercise workouts help to improve the heart pumping rate to the standard point. Also, for releasing extra fats and calories from the body, it improves the blood flow over the whole body.
    • Improve muscle and joint strength: Regular recumbent bike workouts help to improve the muscle and joints strength. Muscles and joints get more trained and also get more oxygen and nutrients, so they improve their strength.
    • Improve brain functions: Recumbent stationary bike workouts strengthen body muscles, improves cardio conditions and blood flow, so the brain functions get stronger.
    • Reduce stress & anxiety: By tearing tight tissues from muscles, releasing toxins, improving blood and nutrients flow to the tissues, it reduces the stress and anxiety.
    • Improve balance and flexibility: Stationary bike recumbent workouts help to improve the balance and flexibility of the body. It strengthens the muscles and body; hence they get more balanced and flexible.
    • Puts low pressure: Recumbent exercise bike workout puts low pressure to the legs, body, and joints, so it is an ideal exercise for beginners and seriously injured patients.

    Final Words

    Recumbent exercise bike workout helps a lot in health and fitness improvement. It has lots of key benefits that help to have a healthy lifestyle. But, you have to make your workout session properly. You have to follow the rules and regulations, at least follow the common and basic rules. Among all the rules, seat position and regular time maintaining are most important.