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Tips For Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts And Feelings

    If you suffer from depression, it’s integral to develop skills for coping with the problem. It’s easier said than done, but the strength to continue on can always be found if you can fight to keep the right mindset. Just remember the following:

    • Your Emotions Are In A Constant State Of Flux Today’s feelings might not last! Even if you’ve been feeling down for sometime, maybe the next day or week will be better. You can’t give up.
    • If You’re Gone, Your Friends And Loved Ones Will Miss You
    • There Are Still Tons Of Things You’d Like To Achieve In Life
    • There Are A Wealth Of Life Experiences That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On
    • You Have The Ability To Experience Just As Much Pleasure As Pain And Distress

    If you struggle with suicidal thoughts, just remind yourself of each point above whenever needed. There’s always a chance to turn things around, no matter how dire the situation may seem. The solutions are out there; you just have to be willing to grab hold of them.

    Suicidal Thoughts Are Only Temporary

    While it may seem as though your depression and sense of despair aren’t going anywhere, suicidal crises are temporary. Feelings can change on a dime, and new opportunities are always right around the corner. Suicide is permanent; it should not be seen as a worthwhile solution to a problem that’s ultimately fleeting. Do you really want to be the subject of a suicide cleanup? Just give yourself more time and seek help rather than giving up.

    Even Seemingly Hopeless Problems Can Be Solved

    Mental conditions like bipolar disorder or depression are all treatable through medical means, therapy, and simple lifestyle changes. Statistically, there’s an incredible success rate in recovery for those that seek help upon feeling suicidal thoughts. It’s also important to realize that more than one solution exists, so you have to be willing to try everything possible before feeling as if your situation is truly hopeless. Adjustments might need to be made along the way, but anyone can come out the other side of these issues if they’re willing to hold on and keep trying.

    1 – Promise Yourself You Won’t Do Anything Drastic

    Just because you have suicidal thoughts does not mean you have to act upon them. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to carry out such a drastic measure. Just wait and give yourself time. Promise yourself that you will do everything you can to find a better solution. The road to recovery begins by supporting yourself and branching outward from there.

    2 – Stay Away From Vices Like Drugs Or Alcohol

    If you turn to common vices such as drugs and alcohol, your suicidal feelings are bound to be amplified. You should stay away from these as much as possible. Don’t allow yourself the chance to be tempted.

    3 – Create A Safe Home Environment

    You should also remove any harmful items such as firearms, prescription medication, or knives from your home. At the very least, try to go somewhere else where such things are far out of reach. Find a safe place that you enjoy, preferably public. Just forcing yourself to be around others can often help shake the feeling of being lost and alone.

    4 – Share Your Thoughts And Feelings

    Once you’ve promised to give yourself a chance and created a healthier environment, you should share your thoughts and feelings with someone trustworthy. Turn to any friends or family that you know will listen and understand. Even if you feel as if none of them will, do your best to give them a chance. Otherwise, you might also find solace in a therapist, clergy member, family doctor, counselor, or teacher. Be sure to remember the feelings of your loved ones as well. Don’t forget how devastated they would be on the other side of a suicide cleanup where you are the unfortunate victim. Put yourself in those shoes and perhaps you will see how drastic of a measure that “solution” really is.

    5 – Remember That This Can Be Overcome

    Suicidal thoughts and feelings have plagued many, but those that seek help can overcome them with great success. Use this to remain as hopeful as possible. You can survive whatever issues have brought you to this point and come out the other end an even better person. Give yourself some time, and don’t forget that it’s going to be okay!

    Author Bio

    Stephanie is a PhD graduate in Biology. Aside from being passionate about providing care to those who need it, she also loves sharing her knowledge about health care through writing in some blogs.