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Tips for When You’re the Sweaty, Smelly Guy at the Gym

    You cannot expect to get fit without shedding the pounds. This endeavor, however, does come with one notable disadvantage: sweat.

    The perspiration you produce can feel like an achievement in the sense your exercise is paying off, but the question is: How do those around you feel about your sweat?

    Handle That Sweat | A Detailed Guide

    You walk into the gym expecting to sweat. That’s obvious. But some people sweat so much they leave it everywhere they go. There’s no shame in this, of course.

    Yet it can get very uncomfortable for those working out around you, to the point where they’re gasping for breath due to the pungent smell of sweat in the air!

    8 Tips To Stop That Smell

    No one likes to be the source of the horrifying stench of sweat. This is why we are here with tips on how to not be that smelly guy at the gym.

    1. Use Deodorant

    This one is obvious, but we are stating it anyway. Always use deodorant on your underarms. Not many people know about this, but you can also prevent perspiration by applying deodorant on sensitive, sweat-producing spots.

    Oh, and don’t forget to always have some deodorant in your gym bag ready to use after a workout!

    If you have sensitive skin, buy deodorants that are meant for you. If you are prone to dry skin problems, opt for alcohol-free deodorant.

    If you’re going out right after the gym, suggests using a sexy smelling cologne instead of a deo as it’s a better and smarter choice.

    1. Wear Breathable Fabrics

    Your workout outfit plays a key role in your gym routine. If it’s not comfortable enough, you will feel bad throughout the session.

    Make sure it syncs with your workout routine. Also, keep in mind you can’t use some gym equipment while wearing baggy clothing.

    In terms of avoiding sweat buildup, wearing shorts helps keep the body cool. Fitted or loose, whichever you choose, make sure all fabric worn is breathable and dries quickly.

    It will not only provide comfort but also ensure your sweat doesn’t stick around for long.

    1. Always Shower After Working Out

    Some people shower right after exercising, whereas others prefer to return home and shower in the comfort of their own bathroom. But if you sweat too much, it’s better to go with the former.

    After all, you don’t want your car to fill up with the smell of sweat! Also, a shower at the gym will wash the sweat from your body fast, which helps prevent bacteria growth. Check these exclusive deals.

    1. Use Special Soap/Body Wash

    Praise the dermatologists who care about us enough to invent soaps especially meant for sweaty people! In many cases, the underlying reason for excessive sweat is the bacteria growing on our skin.

    To remedy this, you can opt for antibacterial soaps which attack those bacterial colonies and erase them from your body. After a period of using specialized soap/body wash, you will start to see results.

    1. Monitor Your Diet

    Remember the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well in many cases, the food you digest can impact your sweat – to the point where it even transforms the smell of your perspiration.

    For example, studies have shown that an excessive intake of garlic and onion can turn your sweat into a horrible stench. If you love coffee and drink it many times a day, maybe it’s time to put a pause on it.

    Because coffee cause ramps up the sweat output. Alcohol also plays a role here. Do a test. Pause your intake of certain foods/drinks, and find out which are possibly causing you to sweat excessively.

    1. Invest In Apple Cider Vinegar

    You are probably tired of seeing the name ‘apple cider vinegar’ pop up everywhere. But trust us! This truly is a magical liquid when it comes to home remedies.

    Since sweating is partially a skin-related issue, apple cider vinegar can act as a skincare elixir. Ultimately, one of its biggest purposes is reducing body odor. All you need to do is dry off after a shower and apply the apple cider vinegar on your sensitive spots.

    This will reduce pH levels and stop bacterial growth on your skin!

    1. A Regular Laundry Routine

    In our busy lives, we sometimes fail to manage time for daily chores. Take your laundry routine for instance. It’s not uncommon to have a big pile up of clothes that only get washed once or twice a week.

    But if you are a gym junkie with many pairs of gym outfits, chances are that piled up mess is a safe haven for bacterias. Even if you don’t wash your regular clothes religiously, you should start practicing a laundry ritual for your gym clothes.

    Cleaning them properly will ensure better hygiene and less smell!

    1. Carry A Bag For Shoes & Socks

    If your feet sweat a lot, remove your shoes and socks as soon as you finish exercising. Put them in a reusable bag – you can care about the environment alongside your sweat – and keep that bag in a separate compartment in your gym bag.

    You can also invest in shoe deodorant, which has the sole purpose of destroying the bacteria residing in your footwear.


    If you fail to manage your smelly sweat after following these steps, set an appointment with your doctor. Underlying health problems could be the cause.

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