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Tips on How To Relief Pregnancy – Related Back Pain

    Back pain is a common complaint with pregnant women. It is not really a permanent condition so there is nothing to worry too much about. Nonetheless, I understand it’s quite a disturbing situation every pregnant woman would wish to get rid of. Pregnancy back pain is not like other backaches caused by stomach sleeping and other inappropriate sleeping positions. Therefore, you need a special kind of approach to relieve the pain. Though the frequent pregnancy back pains aren’t surprising, they surely deserve attention

    Why Pregnant Women Experience Back Pains

    Understanding the causes of pregnancy back pains paves the way to a successful back pain relief. However common the complaint is among our pregnant women, a bigger percentage is left in total darkness when it comes to tracing the cause of the lower back pain. Specialists categorize the causes into three categories.

    1. Hormones
    2. Biometrics
    3. Stress


    During the first semester of your pregnancy progesterone hormone level is high. The hormone helps stretch the ligaments and tissues as the pregnancy grows. As your pregnancy approaches the second semester, another hormone called relaxin is released to help the ligaments between your pelvic girdle muscles to open more and create room for the baby. At the end of the whole process, the opening and loosening cause some kind of instability in your joints. This leaves the joints vulnerable to painful imbalanced spine alignment. The lower back is the most targeted spot. To know more you can contact EmbryWomensHealth hormone specialist in Arizona.


    This refers to the way your body holds itself and the way its structures moves (It’s more like the posture and the joints respectively). This is the main cause of pregnancy back pains. I can confidently say this because pregnancy adds extra weight.

    This is like forcing your body to carry the additional load. This definitely interferes with your body balance. The additional weight of your body shifts forward your body’s center of gravity placing much strain on your spine


    Usually, stress increases tightness and body muscle pain. Talking of body muscles, your back has the muscles and is also likely to be affected. This may cause regular back pain.

    How to Relief the Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

    As I said earlier, when it comes to pregnancy-related back pain, the remedies are kind of special. More attention is needed here. Below is a list of tips on how to manage pregnancy-related back pain.

    • Maintain good posture:

    As your pregnancy grows, the weight and shape are both compromised. This causes a temporary shifting of your body center of gravity (COG). The COG shifts forward. Therefore, leaning back is recommended to avoid falling forward. For a better posture maintenance, consider the following best postures:

    1. Hold your chest high
    2. When standing, maintain straight and tall posture
    3. The shoulders should be kept back and relaxed\
    4. Avoid locking your knees (Keep a wide stance to improve your stability)
    • Maintain low heels:

    High heels are known to compromise your stability and therefore should be avoided. They usually place your spine in an unstable posture causing unnecessary strain on your spine. This definitely leads to backaches. You are advised to maintain low heeled shoes for a better arch support.

    • Keep side sleeping:

    Various sleeping positions can cause harm to your spine during your pregnancy days. Side sleeping is highly recommended for pregnant women. It keeps your spine aligned and free from unnecessary strain. For a better spine alignment, try to keep one or both knees bent. The bend should be under your abdomen and behind your back respectively.

    • Include body exercise in your daily schedule:

    Regular body exercise is proved to keep your muscles and joints fir and strong and can probably relief back pain during pregnancy. For the sake of your unborn baby, consider gentle activities to avoid exposing your baby to physical harm.

    • Try a heat or cold massage:

    Our extensive research shows that applying a heating pad on your aching back be helpful. An ice pack might do well too.


    So there you have the tips. They are all helpful and therefore none of the above tips should be ignored whatsoever. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend an immediate medical care attention in case the back pain grows severe. Remember prevention is better than cure.