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Tips To Correctly Prime Your Coil to Make Them Last Longer

    A great vaping experience depends with how well you take care of your vaping kits. It depends with how well you prime your coil. For most beginner vapers, they have an awful experience vaping for the first time, simply because they lack knowledge on how to spice up their vaping kits. All they do is buy their vaping device and fill up the tank, then they immediately start to take a draw. By doing this, all you wind up is a bitter, awful smelling and a terrible burnt taste. That is why it is important for you to first prime your coil before using it. Priming will give you a smooth and a pleasant flavor of your e-juice and elevate your vaping experience all together.

    What Does Priming Mean?

    It is the process of making the wick or the cotton material of the coil in your e-cigarette adequately moist in with e-juice. Priming will enable you to achieve a smooth and pleasant vapor instead of the smelly, awful tasting and dry burnt flavor. Moisturizing helps prevent the wick or the cotton material from burning or overheating. These tips will help you learn how to prime your coil properly and to assist you have an awesome vaping experience.

    How to Properly Prime Your Coil

    1. Replace the Old Coil With a New One

    Open up the tank and remove the old coil. Before putting on a new coil, clean every part of your vape. You can clean it with water and allow it to air dry or you can just wipe it off thoroughly with a clean cloth. Put and screw on a new coil. The common problem with vapers is a leaking coil that spills and wastes the e-liquid. Ensure the coil is properly and correctly lined up and safely secured. This will help prevent you from spilling the e-juice on your fingers as you prime your coil.

    1. Saturate the Wick

    In this stage, find the juice holes in the vaper, where the cotton material will get into contact with the e-juice. Then, carefully, pour one or two drips of the e-liquid onto the holes to make the wick moist. Ensure that you pour out the drops evenly onto the holes to achieve an evenly saturated wick. When the cotton is properly saturated, you will notice the cotton gets a darker shade. Be careful not to over soak the wick or the cotton material. If the wick is oversaturated, you will taste the e-juice in your mouth and also you will notice the cotton cannot hold more e-liquid. So, moderately pour approximately 3 to 4 drops of the e-liquid into your coil.

    1. Assemble the Vape and Take a Dry Pull

    In this stage, your vape is ready for a dry pull. Ensure the tank is properly filled up and reassembled, then attach it to the battery. Start off by taking gentle pulls as you gradually increase intensity of the pull without igniting the fire button. As you take the dry hits, cover the holes with your hand. This process is important as it ensures that the e-juice is pulled from the tank and it is well distributed throughout wick. Do not take hard dry hits, just take 4 to 5 gentle pulls. Deep and strong dry pulls will over flood the wick. Also, let your coil rest for two to 3 minutes before you start vaping.

    1. Break-In the Wire

    The reason for breaking the wire is to expand the heat. Take a few dry pulls to maximize the power supply to reach a power wattage of your choice. Taking short hits first ensures that the wire is not getting overheated. Also, it will ensure that the wire will be balanced and accurately primed along the cotton.

    1. Minimize the Power Settings

    Vaping on high wattage will increase the e-juice you vaporize on each puff. It is great if you want to form huge clouds. But it has negative impacts on your coil. Also, you will need to constantly keep refilling the juice. The solution to this is to keep the wattage at minimal levels.

    Why It Is Important To Prime Your Coil

    1. Improves the Quality of the Flavor

    One of the major importance of priming your coil, is that the taste of the e-juice will automatically and substantially improve. Priming eliminates the bitter and burnt taste which is as a result of old and overcooked wick. It also ensures a proper flow of the e-liquid from the tank to the coil. Freshly saturated wick gives you pleasant flavor and a great vaping experience.

    1. Prolongs the Life of the Coil

    A primed coil will serve you longer than a coil that has not been primed. This is because the coil is well balanced with the cotton material or the wick. An old wick will quickly wear out your coil.

    1. Eliminates Burnt Pulls

    A well primed coil saves you from smelly and burnt hits. An unprimed coil will make the wick over burn, which results into the awful burnt and bitter taste. Applying the e-liquid on the wick ensures that the liquid gets vaporized rather than burning out the cotton which results into the charred taste. A clean and pleasant pulls will definitely heighten your vaping experience.

    1. Saves You Time and Money

    You need to constantly replace your coil every now and then. Although, it is affordable, priming your coil will save you a few bucks in the long run. If you keep burning your coil, you will frequently keep buying a new one, which might become expensive in the long run. Save yourself some money and time by priming your coil.

    If you need a great vaping experience, you will have to constantly and accurately prime your coil. It is easy and quick. Taking good care of your vaping will save you money because every burnt out wick and coil needs replacement. It will also save your taste buds from the awful taste and smell.