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Tips to Flirt Like a Pro Over Text

    In the era of Facebook, Tinder, and WhatsApp, having a skill of flirting over text is necessary. In fact, there are more than 1.500 dating apps all over the world, according to Beyond Ages. So, you have a chance to meet a lot of incredible people online! One of them can even become your life-partner, who knows? 


    Of course, flirting with someone in a dating app is not the same as having an actual date. You can’t see their real reaction and use various flirting techniques like mirroring, tilting your head, or “accidental” touching. However, it’s possible to win someone over with a few messages. Here is what you need to know to become an expert on flirting over the text:


    Writing the first message


    Of course, you can wait for another person to text you first. However, you can always take matters into your own hands and show your confidence. Coming up with an interesting first message might be a bit challenging, especially if you have never met the person you are texting. A lot of people use a standard message: ‘Hey, what’s up?’


    It’s easy and straightforward, but it is not catchy at all. An expert would do their research first. It’s important to know who you are talking to and then write a personalized message. Treat flirting over text, just like writing a sales email – you need to know your customer and their needs! 


    So, if you already had a meeting with your “target,” your first text should somehow refer to your last conversation with them. For instance: “Thank you for recommending that band last time! They are awesome!” It will show that you remember the previous meeting very well and that you care. 


    If you have never met your online crush, check their social media profiles first. Is it creepy? Just a little bit. Will it help you to start a conversation that leads to where you want? Definitely!


    Don’t be afraid to let them know that you were stalking them on the Internet for a while and then compliment them on something you like about them. Checking their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter will help you understand what you have in common with that person. So, do your homework and forget about ‘Hey, what’s up?’


    Forget all pick up lines


    Once you know what you and your online crush have in common, there is no need to use cheesy pick up lines like ” Hey, I’m a thief. I’m going to steal your heart.” The thing is that this approach indicates that your intentions are not serious and that you have low social skills. 


    If you want to go on a real date, make sure that every message is personalized. Take your time to come up with something witty, but don’t be an Internet creep.


    Don’t fall off the radar


    Don’t text if you don’t have anything to say. Leave this party early! Even if texting with someone is exciting, it doesn’t mean you need to discuss all interesting topics in one go. Leave something for future conversation. 


    It’s important to say a proper goodbye. Disappearing without saying a word is not polite. 


    Also, writing a joke instead of ‘Ok, gotta go’ would be much better. For example: “Gotta go, I have to rescue the world!” 


    If you really enjoyed the ‘conversation,’ let them know about it! 


    Invest as much as your online crush


    If you see that the other person is not interested in texting, don’t bother them. Ask questions in a reasonable quantity. Otherwise, it will look like a job interview. 


    Try to guess their mood. Some people are ok with texting about their sexual preferences or personal dramas, and others are not. If you see that your online crush is not into discussing something, change the direction of your conversation. Making them uncomfortable will just discourage them from texting with you. 


    Make it playful


    While flirting over the text, try to be easy-going and playful. So, it’s better to avoid topics such as politics and religion. You can talk about something that you both enjoy – music festivals, Games of Thrones, or your pets! 


    Other than that, consider using more emojis in order to look more playful. However, remember that they can’t replace sentences, so try not to overuse them.