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Tips to Grow Cannabis for Personal Use in Canada

    With recreational marijuana legalized in Canada on October 17 last year, users over a specified age limit can now buy, consume and grow marijuana for personal use. If you live in Canada, you can now buy cannabis and its products at private and government shops, although this differs with where you live.

    Online purchase from private sellers and government websites is, however, permitted across all states and territories. Moreover, adult users can now possess up to four household cannabis plants, except if you live in Quebec or Manitoba. If you intend to keep marijuana plants at home, here are five tips that will help you cultivate a good crop.

    Buy seeds from a legal source

    If you’re planning to cultivate household marijuana, you must ensure to buy premium-quality seeds from a legal source, such as an authorized private store or e-shop or a government-operated online seller.

    Choose the right strain

    How well your marijuana plants grow depends largely on the genetic quality of the seeds you use.  A high-quality strain will inevitably result in a better product. But aside from choosing a trusted source for your seeds, you also need to pick a strain that will deliver the effect you’re looking for.

    Each strain has its own unique qualities and renders a different effect when used. A strain with high THC levels, for instance, is more suited for those looking for the psychological high that comes with cannabis use.

    Buy a grow tent

    A grow tent comes equipped with everything you need to grow four marijuana plants at home. This saves you the trouble of arranging the raw materials for cannabis cultivation by giving you a ready-to-use solution.

    A grow tent helps as maintaining the right temperature is essential to protect your cannabis crop. Optimal temperatures, especially when the plants are flowering, will result in greater yield.

    If despite your best efforts your marijuana plants are not giving the yield you expected, you can supplement your supplies with high-quality chemical-free concentrates available at, which is based out of British Columbia and supplying across Canada.

    Use nutrient-rich soil

    Instead of relying on boosting your soil’s quality with chemical additives, use organic soil that’s naturally rich in essential nutrients. Using the wrong soil will impact both the growth and the quality of your cannabis flowers. If needed, use only organic, nature-derived fertilizers that won’t damage your plants.

    Create the right environment

    It takes about four months for a cannabis seed to turn into a plant that’s ready for harvest, provided you give it the right environment to grow and flourish. Learn all you can about maintaining cannabis plants to avoid the disappointment of zero or little yield after putting in so much effort.

    If growing indoors, make sure there is proper ventilation to remove excess moisture, as too much humidity can damage your plants. Install exhaust fans to ensure air circulation. Plants need natural light for photosynthesis, but an indoor crop can be grown with powerful LED lights.