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Tips to protect your eyes from blue light

    We live in a tech-savvy and digital era. It is impossible to function without computers and smartphones. Though these gadgets are really helpful and do the work super-fast, it comes with its share of drawbacks which is blue light.  

    Why is blue light protection needed?

    The blue light coming out from the computer and phone screen can damage your eyesight, cause irritation, mood swings, and depression. Especially for the employees of software and digital marketing companies that work on computers for 9 hours or even more, it is very important to protect the eyes or it may lead to permanent blindness. So, it is better to get the best blue Light Glasses Australia.

    Not just that, blue light also interferes with our sleep patterns, and that is the reason why people who have a longer screen time find it difficult to doze off when they go to bed at night. So, in this post, we will discuss some of the tips to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light of the digital screen.

    • Manage your screen time

    “Easier said than done,” but you should try to manage your screen time as much as possible. If you are working in an office, you should take a break in between, shut your eyes and relax. You should also try to avoid using your smartphone as it will only increase screen time. 

    You can find out about your screen time using the feature “Screen time,” which is available on both iPhone and Android phones. It will automatically block access to apps when you have crossed the limit of screen time.

    • Eat healthy food and take supplements.

    It is better to be safe than sorry! Eating healthy food, which is enriched with vitamin C and E, will help you ward off eye-related problems to a great extent. In addition, green leafy vegetables like spinach, salad, and protein like fish will help keep your eyes healthy. Learn more about 310 thin reviews to lose weight.

    Apart from that, there are also blue light eye nutrition supplements like vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, zinc, and copper available to protect cell damage of eyes, dehydration in the retina, and overall will act as a shield against the blue light. However, make sure to make recommendations and advice from a doctor before you start using it.

    • Use blue light glasses.

    If you face regular irritation and tiredness in your eyes, you should get your eyes checked by an eye specialist. They will tell you if your eyes are suffering from the blue light of the digital screen. If it is so, you can get blue light protection glasses that shield your eyes and the harmful blue light.

    • Get screen protectors 

    You can get blue light screen protectors attached to your phone or computer screen. It will act as a shield and reduce the amount of blue light emerging from the screen and reaching your eyes. The best part is that they do not hinder the view of the screen and thus you can carry on with your work.

    If you think that screen protectors are expensive, that is not the case; you can easily order an affordable piece online. Then, you can easily attach it to the screen of your phone or computer without any kind of assistance.


    So, these are some of the ways with which you can protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Make sure to take proper care of your eyes with all the tips mentioned above. Better management of screen time means healthy eyes. Good Luck!

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