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Top 10 Benefits of martial arts


    Welcome to this article highlighting 10 of the main benefits of martial arts. Before I jump directly into the benefits, I will begin by a simple introduction.

    Marital arts is a sport mainly originated from the Asian countries around china,japan, korea and mayanmar, there are various forms of martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate, Judo and many others. I am going to write on some of the ways. I have benefited from training and practicing martial arts. I am a karate trainee and I do it for sport, leisure and self-defense. But remember for every martial arts training if he or she is beginner must need to take mouth guard, head gear or other accessories. Here are some of the benefits of martial arts.

    Self confidence

    It boosts your self-confidence. When practicing martial arts, you gain confidence in yourself in the process. Some of the stunts and exercises performed in karate for instance, involve mental challenges and after attaining one and another next challenge, you slowly start developing a sense that when you commit and focus, it is possible. When that is transferred to other areas, you start developing confidence that you can attain all that you set yourself to achieving.

    Direction of life

    It is a positive direction to a good lifestyle. Form where I live, there are little and limited ways of spending free time. Martial arts is one of the best ways of spending that extra time. Rather than having a limited indoor lifestyle with movies and chatting on social apps whole time, going for exercises are a better way of spending extra time.


    It builds focus. During martial arts exercises, a lot of focus is needed. Focus is required to learn a new skill, implement it erectly and even master it. All these are activities that require focus and with that, they help you build focus little by little, time after time.

    Good shape

    Martial arts involves a lot of physical activities that will naturally help you lose excess and unrequired fats and sugars in the body. This way you get to lose weight, have a slimmer and better look. For ladies it makes them look slimmer, faster and actually makes them more flexible. As for we guys, we get to lose the pot belly, and helps in muscle development. Some other benefits of martial arts are muscular strength, quick and fast movements and sharper inner voice.

    Reduce diseases

    Reduces the risks of diseases caused by an unhealthy living. Nowadays, we wild and or run very less. We drive or take a lift from home to work more, we rarely use the staircase and thus we rarely exercise. This causes diseases caused by a poor living. Such diseases are like Diabetes, some Cancers, high blood pressure and Obesity.

    Researches link huge body sizes and poor excising to the disease I have listed above. Some and most of the disease above can be avoided by regular exercising. Martial arts gives and avenue for exercising thus reducing the chances of getting these illnesses.

    Good mannerism

    Martial arts has very good lessons of living cohesively with others. It teaches good communal values like patience smart thinking, hard work, calmness and understanding. It teaches one to be a good knight, like my sensei(instructor) always advices us, “ a good knight always expects trouble but does not go looking and causing trouble, and when trouble comes the number one way to solve it should be through communication.

    Control anger

    One of the best anger control methods is forcing out that pressure and anger out of your mind through your fists and kicks, not hitting someone or a wall as this causes injuries a=but hitting a bag or just having an imaginary persona and fighting them. I know people who used to be very violent but calmed after joining martial arts lesion.

    Creates a happy mood

    Through exercise, one also gets to have a better mood and happier life. This helps one to rescue frustrations and stress levels thus you become more approachable and also get to view challenges in alarmed and open.

    Better reaction time

    By sparring and opponent and performing skills during grading or training, you get to have quick reflexes and higher reaction. This also comes with sharper focused thus helps you in your daily life acting fast and responding to changes very fast. A good example is like when walking and you slide you get to notice that your body responds faster. With this is helps one to have a higher and faster analysis and decision making. This also helps you in many activities that involve quick decision making in daily living such as cooking, baking, graphs analysis (for stock traders like I am ) and many activates that require you to focus, analyses and make fast decisions.

    Promotes healthy diets

    When you join a martial arts club, you are also introduced to some foods that are healthy and helpful and some that are not good that you are advised to avoid. This helps one to eat healthy. For instance, I ever knew purple tea and its benefits before joining the blub but afterwards, I have learnt many foods and diets that are healthy and helpful and this has helped me gain a lot and as well improved my immune system.

    Lastly, it also helps in good sexuality especially for men. With the exercising, good health, proper feeding, more oxygen retention, strength, flexibility and higher reaction time, men enjoy much better sexual experiences than men who don’t engage is any sports activities. Most women also tent to enjoy better experiences with such men. This is due to some testimonies by most married men to our martial arts club where they compare the experiences to some testimonies by most married men in our martial arts club where they compare the experiences before joining and after joining. Besides the benefits on health, as a sports, it also helps you win medals.

    Author Bio: Steve marlin love martial arts and he is now karate teacher. Also want to share whole life experience, technique through own martial boss blog. He also purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.