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Top 10 Workouts to Boost Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone has a lot of benefits in our body. It is the sex hormone which is responsible for developing male sexual characteristics. But it has some other benefits like muscle growth and improving your bone health. It is also associated with enhancing men’s cardiovascular health and it increases the sex drive.

    People having lower amount of testosterone in their body suffer from sexual desire disorder. There are many testosterone boosting supplements and foods available in the market but I am going to discuss with you some of the best exercises which can boost the testosterone level in the body in the most natural manner possible.

    10 Exercises To Boost Testosterone Levels

    1. Pull Up

      Pull up is a very beneficial exercise for the upper body. It is very effective in increasing your back width and strength. It also helps in muscle growth and increase in muscle size. This exercise is a bit difficult to perform and it requires a lot of strength to successfully do it. The pressure it puts on the abdomen is comparatively more than any other type of abs exercise at a time. The more you do this exercise; the better is the coordination between the muscles and the nerves which are serving it. You need a lot of practice to perform this exercise but once you are able to do minimum ten repetitions and start adding weight then it shows testosterone boosting effect and there will be a significant increase in testosterone level in your body.

    2. Sprints

      Sprinting is a popular exercise among the athletes where they are required to run and cover a short distance within the limited time allotted to them. It is said that going through difficult sprint sessions accelerates the level of growth hormones for at least one hour after the workout. Studies have found that if you do five to six sets of sprints each day for a short duration, say six to eight seconds each has testosterone boosting effect. You just need to give the best you can during that period of time.

    3. Squat Jumps

      This is an amazing exercise to improve your muscle power along with both lower and upper body strength. You will be gaining flexibility in your hips and ankles. It will help in burning calories quicker than any other squat exercise. In this exercise, the neuromuscular coordination is higher and this is why it is said to be one of the most effective exercises for testosterone boosting. In case of a beginner it is completely okay to practice five sets of squat jump with at least 10 repetitions in each set.

    4. Bench Press and Squats

      Squats can directly be connected with bench press. Squats help in production of growth hormone which eventually allows you to increase your bench or any other type of lifts. Both of these exercises are enough to increase the testosterone production in the body. The time favorable for production of testosterone in between the sets is one minute and thirty seconds.

    5. Deadlifts

      Deadlifts is one of the most popular exercises in the gym. It is an amazing weight training exercise which can increase your strength in lower areas of your body like lower back, legs and abdomen. It can also melt down your belly fat. The exercise involves too many muscle groups which help in increasing the muscle size. Another benefit of practicing the move of deadlifting is that it can boost your testosterone level in the body. In order to enhance testosterone level you need to do the exercise correctly and use the right weight for you for more impressive results.

    6. Push-Ups

      Push-Up is the most common exercise among the people who want to stay physically fit. With the help of push-ups our core muscles get strengthened, it accelerates metabolism in our body and improves the blood flow which help us in burning more number of calories while we perform other exercises. After going through many studies and experiments, researchers have found that push-ups reduces the risk of bone weakening which usually happens in our old age and apart from that, testosterone boosting effects. Therefore, if you have lower level of testosterone in your body then you can start practicing this exercise.

    7. Overhead Press

      Overhead press is yet another exercise which is very effective in increasing our testosterone level. People do this exercise with an aim to increase the size of shoulder and its strength. It is also beneficial in strengthening the triceps muscles and core muscles like the lower back and transverse abdominal muscles. Overhead press involves multiple muscle groups from top to bottom of the body. It is very beneficial for testosterone boosting in the body.

    8. Barbell Squat

      Barbell Squat is said to be the king of all other leg exercises as it is very difficult and challenging in nature. It helps in strengthening the knee joints and hips. It is an amazing leg building exercise which will help you to stay stable when you are lifting weights. It requires a lot of strength to perform this exercise and it also contributes towards calorie burning in the body. Studies have shown that it can enhance the natural process of testosterone production in the body. However, to get the best outcome you should perform it correctly. If you are a beginner then you should start from lower weight to higher weight.

    9. Muscle-Up

      The muscle-up is an advanced exercise for the upper body that requires a lot of strength. It is said to be the best exercise for muscles located in our arms and it is effective in increasing melting our belly fat too. It also shows its effects in building back muscles. Studies have shown that in this particular exercise, there is a lot of interaction between muscles and nerves serving it. It helps in boosting testosterone level in the body. This exercise is very difficult to practice but you should try to gain perfection in this because of the neuromuscular coordination and testosterone boosting benefits.

    10. The Clean and Press

      The clean and press exercise has its effect on the core muscles, legs, forearms and most importantly the shoulders. It is a compound move where multiple muscle groups are working at a time. This exercise too has testosterone boosting effects associated with it. But for that you need to train yourself smartly. If you have just started going to the gym then you need to know the basics of this exercise very nicely.

    So, these were some of the best exercise available for you to raise you testosterone level without using any kind of testosterone booster supplements.