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Top 12 Amazing Food to Improve Infant’s Brain Health

    food to improve infant’s brain health

    food to improve infant’s brain health

    As a parent, you will be always concerned about your child’s health especially when they are still infants. That sounds obvious since every parent wants to raise a smart and good kid. If you are considering about this issue, then you have come into right place.

    The first three years as an infant or a child, your kid’s brain will make big development therefore, the food your child eat will make a great support in the development and growth of the child’s brain. One should figure out the thinking process, problem reaction and problem resolving as well. The recipe of palak paneer is easy to make and tastes great.

    Plus, those activities such as playing card games, listening to certain type of music and let your child explore surrounding place by himself will encourage and maximize the functioning of his brain cells, memory as well as concentration.

    Here are top 12 food that your kid should consume to improve his brain’ functioning.


    food to improve infant's brain health

    As mentioned above, plain yoghurt is critical for your child’s brain development since it can work as a super supportive encouragement for the child’s brain. It works and maintains the brain cell membranes be as flexible as it can and aid brain in sending and receiving information.

    Plus, Greek yoghurt contains the B complex which are necessary for the development of the brain tissue as well as neurotransmitters. Besides being a greatly healthy food for your child, yoghurt can be used as a home remedy for dizziness as well.


    food to improve infant's brain health

    Vegetables are rich source of antioxidants which are able to maintain the brain cells healthy. Some of the best vegetables that can be counted on are pumpkins, sweet potatoes as well as carrots. Plus, these vegetables with dark green and leafy leaves such as chard, kale, collard greens and spinach are packed with folate which can significantly aid your child in putting dementia away.


    Salmon is an excellent source of healthy ingredient such as omega – 3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, both of which are vital for brain’s growth and development. You should have your child eat salmon with reduced – fat mayo or raisins, plain yoghurt, carrots and chopped celery as well. Besides, add some canned salmon into your child’s creamy broccoli soup will be great idea so that his stomach will digest the soup easily.  


    food to improve infant's brain health

    Broccoli is a super healthy food for your baby’s brain as it is packed with DHA and vitamins. These healthy ingredients can aid the neurons in connecting to each other and promote cancer – fighting properties. Therefore, you should add broccoli into your child’s diet.


    Beans are super healthy since they obtain energy from complex carbohydrates and protein as well as fiber content. Plus, they contain lots of vitamins and minerals as well which enable them to be an excellent brain food. Beans can keep your child’s energy and cognitive process at peak when the child needs to study or just simply play with his friends.

    You should choose kidney as well as pinto beans which contain higher omega – 3 fatty acids level than other kinds of beans. You can add some beans to spaghetti sauce and some salsa. You children will love it when you serve them mashed beans with applesauce.


    food to improve infant's brain health

    Eggs – one of the most well-known source of protein and choline, both of which can improve brain development and memory. Plus they are a storage of nutrition which includes omega 3 fatty acid, lutein, choline and zinc which can boost concentration and other brain’s function. Choline found numerously in eggs can promote the production of memory stem cells. Besides, it can improve memory in babies significantly.  


    Avocado is greatly healthy for your child’s brain health. It is an excellent source of unsaturated fat that can support blood flow smoothly to the brain. Plus, it also contains oleic acid which can secure myelin. This substance can aid in sending information at a speed of more than 300 km an hour. Also, the high amount of B – complex vitamins found in avocadoes can reduce the likelihood of hypertension in infants. Your baby will love the crushed avocado or you can avocado smoothies to maintain the brain health as well as gut health of your lovely child. And avocados work amazingly as a home remedy for tennis elbow.


    Whole grains can support the concentration, cognitive and thinking process of your baby by offering their brain a constant provision of energy. It obtains a low glycemic index and releases glucose into the blood vessels, which means your child will stay conscious throughout the day. Moreover, it also possesses folate which is highly important for the appropriate functions of your child’s brain.


    food to improve infant's brain health

    Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries contain high amount of fiber and vitamin and it is said that the more intense the color is, the higher the nutrition contained in the berries is. Berries is packed with high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C which can significantly take part in anti – cancer process.


    Peanuts, walnuts and almonds are the brain – booster food as they contain high amount of vitamin E which can significantly prevent cognitive degeneration. Plus, they also have zinc that can boost the memory as well as brain development. However, it seems hard for your infant to chew nuts when their teeth aren’t as developed as ours, therefore you can chew those nuts before feeding them to your kids.


    It is indicated that those children who consume oats for breakfast will obtain a better performance in those tasks that require spatial memory. Since oat is a rich source of zinc, vitamin E and B – complex vitamins, it is healthy for your child’s brain. Moreover, its high amount of fiber can offer those children with a steady level of energy so that these kids can improve their brain health significantly.


    It contains essential mineral such as iron and zinc which can help your child maintain his energy and concentration. Plus, as it is also one of the richest sources of iron, it can boost the memory, enhance concentration and other brain’s functions. You can make porridge with lean beef so that your child can eat it easily.


    Author: Hannah Hall has graduated Hanoi Medical University which is the most famous university in Viet Nam. She also had the time worked as a staff nurse in Australia and Denmark where her main responsibility was patient nutrition manage. Now, she continues to take part in a lot of research which is related directly to nutrition. She also works as a major contributor in which provides many articles in natural and home remedies.