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Top 3 Gear Essentials for Yoga Beginners

    When you’re just starting with yoga, it’s quite challenging to know what to purchase. It feels like the industry is releasing new apparel and equipment every few months that you’re almost certain you’ll be setting yourself back hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars before even managing to set foot inside a studio.


    Fortunately for beginners, there is no need to stress yourself out with all those stuff. You need very little to get started. Having said that, if you’re about to embark on your yoga journey and attend your first class, here are some essential things to know about yoga-specific clothing and equipment.

    Must-Have Yoga Equipment for Beginners


    • Clothing


    It’s no question that you need to put on specific clothing before entering a yoga studio, but this also doesn’t mean you go overboard during the first week. Your designer yoga tops and pants can wait. Put your focus on comfortable apparel that allows you to breathe easier. Take note that mid-level basics are always best for those who are just starting out.


    • Shorts or Pants: If you’re looking to do yoga in style, then neutral-colored pants are the way to go. These tights can be mixed and matched with your tops of choice. If tight pants don’t strike your fancy, you can go for shorts, which is usually what men go for, or some of the more popular jogger- or harem-style yoga tights.


    • Tops: Semi-form fitting tops are great for yoga. This way, you won’t have to worry about your shirt falling over your head when holding forward-bending positions. Go for athletic tops as these are made of wicking fabric to help absorb sweat during hot yoga. 


    • Bras: The right bra makes you feel powerful and confident. Choose the right one, and you won’t have to be concerned about your “girls” going all over the place as you move from one position to another. Yoga may be considered “low-impact,” but a good sports bra will help you engage more comfortably in the practice. 


    • Headbands: Long hair that isn’t kept in place can cause stray locks to fall in your face and eyes and interrupt your concentration. A good headband or hair tie should render this a non-issue. 


    • Socks: While yoga classes don’t necessarily require you to wear socks, if you can’t imagine removing your socks in front of other people, purchase a pair specific for yoga that grips the bottom of your feet and provides excellent traction. That being said, if you only have standard socks, you absolutely have to take them off otherwise risk slipping and sliding all over the place.



    • Yoga Mat


    Now, this is a definite must-have for any yoga enthusiast out there. The mat doesn’t just make practicing yoga easier, preventing you from slipping or sliding when you get sweaty, it also helps define personal space. On top of that, it also provides a cushion from the hard studio floor. 


    Studios and gyms typically offer yoga mats for rent, charging you a few dollars for every class. While this is fine for the first few sessions, it’s not something you want to continue doing in the long run. There’s no telling how often these mats are being cleaned, so the best thing to do is purchase your own.


    • Optional Equipment


    For fledglings, props can be a lifesaver. They help beginners maintain the healthiest and most proper alignment for the wide range of poses. The bending, twisting, and opening up of the body as you attempt yoga poses can be tricky to master at first, but with the help of props, you should be able to get the hang of these actions more quickly.


    • Mat Slings and Bags: If you’re going to be bringing your own yoga mat to the studio, then you have a legitimate case to buy a mat sling or bag. Having these accessories makes it easier for you to carry your mat back and forth to class, keeping it rolled up in the process.


    • Blocks: Yoga blocks assist with alignment and comfort. They are ideal for the range of poses you do standing up, supporting your effort to maintain a healthy and proper pose. Many beginners don’t yet have that core strength and hamstring flexibility to help them hold that proper form. In such cases, yoga blocks definitely come in handy.


    • Blankets: These accessories provide added support to those who are in the beginning stages of their yoga journey. Folded blankets help lift your hips when performing a seated pose, and offer support during a lying pose.


    • Bolsters: People who are just starting to practice yoga need all the help they can get. Bolsters can provide these individuals with additional support when making seated poses and holding forward bending poses. Furthermore, they also make these poses easier and more comfortable to execute. 

    Final Verdict

    Yoga can be an exciting and healthy venture for anyone. If you’re just starting out, you’d need a little bit of extra support from yoga-specific gear, such as yoga tops and tights, a yoga mat, and optional support gear to help get you through those tough poses in one piece. You don’t need much to truly enjoy and benefit from this discipline; the three items on our list should have you covered. Discover everything you need to know about yoga by check out