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Top 4 U.S. Wellness Destinations Where You Can De-Stress

    There are no one-size-fits-all arrangements when it comes to vacations. It all depends on the individual – catering to one’s schedule, interests, and budget. However, there are times when the usual staycation or road trip does not seem to completely ease the stress in the face of the coming week. One of the rising alternatives for a complete rest and relaxation experience are wellness resorts.


    Find out which of the following destinations are perfect for your next getaway and scrub all the years of stress and fatigue off of you with these top four wellness resorts in the United States.

    Experience top-notch treatments at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami, FL

    Starting off with what is definitely one of the best spas In Florida, the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne located down the Grand Bay Drive in Miami offers world-class amenities lying in close proximity to the world-class Florida beaches. Though the Ritz-Carlton has incorporated different massage and spa treatments from all parts of the world, the resort generally give off the tropical beachside ambience Florida is famous for. Also, get ready for a largely coconut oil spa experience as it is one of the Ritz-Carlton’s mainly used oils. The use of coconut oil is one of their gestures to express recognition and respect to Florida’s indigenous Tequesta people who lived along these sands and used the same oil in most of their therapies and treatments.


    Aside from physical and spiritual relaxation brought about by their various spa treatments, you can also experience, and enjoy, a complete radio silence with their Digital Detox Concierge. Experience a holistic sense of tranquility as Ritz-Carlton helps you check out from all of your social media attachments and online obligations as soon as you check in.


    Lastly, enjoy a newly rejuvenated you with a refreshing culinary experience courtesy of their on-site restaurants. You may dine at any of their indoor dining locations or further enjoy your beachside break at the seaside restaurants. Whatever you choose, you are sure to gorge on fresh and local produce.

    Relax with a desert backdrop at Miraval Resort, Tucson, AZ

    Looking for a distinct wellness retreat? How about a calming resort and spa under the shade of the towering Santa Catalina mountain range? The Miraval Resort and Spa located in Tucson, Arizona just might be your next perfect getaway.


    The Miraval offers open space facilities where you can enjoy their relaxing treatments while gazing far into the expanse of the Arizona desert lying just outside the resort. Also, they offer suites equipped with its own private pool for you to better enjoy the scenery as you lounge in your own space.


    Take the time to stop and smell the homegrown flora at the Miraval’s gardens and their impressive collection of cacti. Also, the resort’s local garden is where they grow most of the fruits and vegetables they offer in their menus. For a bit of an exercise and a breath of fresh air, you can go hiking or biking around the resort and into trails up to the Catalinas. You can also rent a horse and go horseback riding through any of the designated tracks in the Miraval. For more extreme activities, try mountain biking or rock climbing also at selected areas of the Catalinas. Be assured of your safety as all of these activities are under the supervision of professional staff members.


    While you can find most of the famous massage and treatment techniques, Miraval takes their de-stressing services a step higher with specialized services such as their Body Renewal Rituals where after the detox massage, they treat your skin with a variety of select peels and scrubs and cover it with fresh, natural peels. Also, expectant mothers can expect the best care with their Pampering Sessions for Mothers-to-be. Check narrow boat for sale if you want to learn more.


    Also, the resort offers culinary classes where most of the ingredients, including the honey, if required, are homegrown. Most fruits, vegetables, as well as the livestock can be found within the expanse of their gardens. Wash down that farm-fresh produce with a glass of wine or a taste or two of a signature cocktail drink.

    Get isolated at an island oasis at the Perdido Beach Resort, Orange Beach, Alabama

    Experience peace and quiet like never before at this island oasis in Orange Beach at the Cotton State. Perdido Beach Resort awaits with a family-friendly experience guaranteed to make your stay a personal and a memorable one. Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, watch as pelicans perch while majestic blue herons swiftly swoop over the emerald waters.


    One of the best activities to try for a change of pace is their guided boating tours. Sail over a particular point in the sea close to Alabama Point. Known as “The Pass,” feel the ocean breeze and sea sprays as you clash with waves and pass through rock formations towards the Intracoastal Waterway where local waters meet with the depth of the Gulf of Mexico. Another popular option for experiencing the waters of the Gulf is through an open ocean catamaran 53-foot tall. While there are a couple of outfitters in the area, you can start with the Gulf Coast Adventure prepared by Wild Hearts. They also offer cruise trips from the shallow inshores to the deep Gulf waters.


    Enjoy your stay with chic and stylish suites complete with modern amenities. Of course, choose from the resort’s assortment of full-body treatment and spa techniques as you feel gentle ocean breeze breathe past you. Finally, visit their restaurants and feel your worries fade with every bite of their authentic Gulf Coast cuisines, personally-cut steaks, craft sandwiches and burgers, and local draft beers.

    Escape to a lakeside getaway at The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, PA

    In the quaint little town of Hawley, Pennsylvania is a well-known resort lying in the embrace of thick forests, tall mountains, and a serene, deep lake. The Lodge at Woodloch, is located perfectly beside the Little Teedyuskung Lake, actively promotes personal awakening as shown in their distinct programs.


    The Lodge at Woodloch hosts around 35 different classes guests can choose from and attend each day. These programs are designed to help guests break free from the usual routines, appreciate and reconnect with bygone hobbies and interests as well as learn new ones – ultimately guiding you to have a better understanding of yourself.


    This Philadelphia lakeside resort also boast more than 6 miles worth of trails you can explore via hike or bike, perfectly safe traveled alone or with friends and family. Also, you can have comforting stopovers along the trail as there are a lot of hammocks scattered all around. The very same trail is open during winters, but this time for snowshoeing or snowmobile trekking. Lastly, you may admire the majesty of Little Teedyuskung Lake from its shores or you can feel the silence in the middle by renting small fishing boats or kayaks.


    Instead of choosing from a menu of predetermined treatment programs, try out their Spa Concierge, have a chat and answer a few questions. Their Spa Concierge will then draft out a personal spa treatment experience tailored for you. A section of this personalized care includes a relaxation option after all treatments. If you prefer silence where you can listen to and assess yourself, choose the “whisper” room. If you then prefer sharing your vision and experience with your fellow guests, choose the “gather” room.