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Top 5 Benefits of Coffee You Didn’t Know About

    Oh yes, coffee is in the news again and this time seems health experts can’t place their mind on whether coffee is right for us or not. Good thing, this time around coffee appears to be in their good books. It is very easy to know why many medical experts often kick against coffee. Caffeine, a major component of coffee is an addictive drug and could pose significant health threats to your heart. Also, health experts have come to the conclusion that the healthiest way to take coffee is when it’s all black with no sugar or creamers.

    However, this post goes to talk about the hidden health benefits of taking coffee. Yes, coffee has many health benefits many are yet to unravel when next you go to work do not forget your portable coffee maker and yes drink up, I am pretty sure after reading this piece you wouldn’t keep off so much. However, bear in mind that too much of everything is not good.

    #. Coffee helps in the treatment of melanoma

    People suffering from melanoma can attest to how unpleasant it is, an aggressive type could be lethal even. Many health scholars recently have realized that coffee is a good depressant for melanoma breakouts. In 2015 oxford journals posted a study about drinking coffee and its resultant effect on melanoma. The research shows a “moderate decrease” in risks of melanoma. Routine coffee drinkers should not, however, expose themselves to excess sunlight, especially during the summer. It is good to note that most of the researcher who made this discovery do not take coffee more than four times a day.

    #. Coffee is an excellent Antioxidant

    We have read a lot about the benefits of foods that contain Antioxidants. When we were kids, we were advised to consume lots of fruits and veggies because they aid in deoxidizing the body. According to researchers at the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), Coffee contains a large number of anti-oxidants. From the study, coffee stands as the US no 1 source of antioxidants concerning beverages.

    #. Coffee eases back pain 

    Oh yes, I think I fall into the category of those who need a hot cup of coffee to ease off the back pain. Y’all know how awful the little stiffness are sore felling can get, well good thing taking care of that is one of the health benefits hidden in coffee. Drinking coffee has, per BMC Research Notes, helped to alleviate pain in the lower back for some people. Coffee alone will probably not completely eliminate your back pain, and you may find that you need to see a specialist about the matter.

    #. Heart Disease.

    What an irony! All our lives we have read how caffeine the major content of coffee is a major contributor to many heart diseases. However, recent studies have now shown that to some extent coffee can help cure some heart diseases. According to the article published by BMJ Publishing Group website, moderate coffee consumption can aid a lower prevalence of subclinical coronary atherosclerosis. Please note the word “moderate,” hence you are not expected to drown yourself with coffee if you have this disease.

    #. Workouts 

    Studies have shown coffee is a mood enhancer and delays fatigue. A cup of coffee before exercise will surely help delay fatigue. However, you have to be careful not to take too much else you feel full.

    #. Other health benefits of coffee include;

    • Prevention of liver diseases

    • Decreased risk for Parkinson’s

    • lower risk of suicide

    Above all coffee keeps you in a happy mood all day.