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Top 5 Common Orthopedic Sports Injuries

    Sports injuries are pretty common. It might happen anywhere— during your exercise sessions or a sports event. If you presumed that only children are most vulnerable to such injuries, you’re highly mistaken! Even adults can fall prey to such damages. In fact, everyone in sports is at risk of such injuries, especially if you:

    • Aren’t regularly active.
    • Don’t warm up before your rigorous physical activity routine.
    • Play sports like football, ice hockey, or similar activities that involve contact between players. 

    But that doesn’t mean you miss out on your physical activities. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent yourself from injuries as well. So, here we have rounded up some of the common orthopedic sports injuries that you must know about!

    ACL Tear

    If you somehow twist your ankle or turn it beyond reach in the opposite direction, you might suffer from an ankle sprain. In this case, the ligaments that support the bones tear. You might face this issue if you turn on an uneven surface or if you have a wrong landing while jumping. 

    You might face issues like swelling, tenderness, or pain. In severe cases, you might not even be able to put your weight on that foot. In such cases, you must see a doctor to rule out any break. 

    Runner’s Injury

    In this injury, there is an issue of continuous pressure on the knees. Many doctors call it patellofemoral syndrome. Most runners are vulnerable to this condition. It causes knee pain which usually gets worse over time if left untreated. Also, if you try squatting or sitting, the pain might get even worse. In that case, you’ll have to consult an orthopedic knee surgeon to find the proper treatment for your respective condition. 

    Tennis Elbow

    Most golf players or sports involving the elbow are vulnerable to this condition. You might face this condition gradually over time if you work with your forearm or elbow continuously. It causes tendon inflammation. 

    In this condition, the players often face unendurable pain in their elbow area. This might even extend to their other regions like the forearm. That’s why experts suggest consulting doctors regularly to avoid any significant injuries in the foreseeable future. 

    Groin Strain

    This is a common issue with people who exercise. This happens when the person changes their direction abruptly. Like other injuries, it also results when the person overstretched their groin muscles. You might face symptoms like swelling, walk troubles, muscle spasms in case of a groin strain. 

    Shin Splints

    Runners or the ones who have to run continuously experience this issue. Doctors often call it medial tibial stress syndrome. It is another type of overuse injury. The ones experiencing this issue often complain about pain in their legs. Usually, people with this condition have stress fractures. So, the best way to identify this issue is by taking an X-ray.

    Final Words

    Human bodies can withstand injuries sometimes. But it doesn’t make us infallible. This is why so many people consult orthopedic doctors to take care of their injuries. Doing so allows them to prevent any significant implications.