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Top 5 Essential Nail Products for a Professional Manicure at Home

    During the times when you’re unable to visit a professional nail salon or just in the mood to attempt a DIY manicure yourself, we’ve got the essentials you need to achieve flawless nails at home. 


    For beginners, painting your nails may seem like a simple and tedious task, so there might be some basic tools you’re unfamiliar with that are actually crucial to flawless nails. When equipped with the right utensils and products, an impeccable manicure can be easily achieved at home. 


    Cuticle Pusher


    Your cuticles are the critical part of your body that seals the skin from the nail beds, but sometimes they can be a disturbance when applying your polish. It’s advocated that you push back your cuticles instead of cutting them to achieve a clean base for your manicure. Cutting your cuticles may seem easier to do, but this technique may leave your nails susceptible to infections or uneven bumps on your skin.


    A cuticle pusher is worth the investment, making your manicure application process easier as well as protecting your nails from damage. 


    Nail Buffer


    Nail buffers are an extremely important and versatile tool for a flawless manicure, they can be used for buffing, filing, shaping and smoothing your nails for a clean base. In order for your polish to look pristine, they need a smooth base to work with. You can find various types of nail buffers in stores, the most common one being emery boards which will have a sand-paper like texture. The gritty surface will work effectively to clean up your nails and shape them into your desired look. 


    Base Coat


    Before you rush into applying your favourite colours, your polish will need a solid foundation in order to effectively adhere to your nails. Laying out a base coat will create a protective barrier between your natural nails and polish, this will prevent your nails from being stained or becoming brittle with raw exposure to the polish. You can find various base coats infused with nutrients for your nails, such as keratin, that will allow you to continue doing manicures without weakening the state of your nails. 


    Top Coat


    Just like a base coat, a top coat is equally as essential to the process, instead of laying out a foundation for your polish you are now concealing it in. In order to keep your nails from chipping, a top coat polish will work to effectively seal in your colour. You will find various types of topcoats in store, whether you’re looking for a mattifying finish or looking to get a glittery shimmer, there’s a top coat that will give you your aspired effect. 


    Seal in your manicure with a sleek finish with a top coat polish.


    After Care Products


    It’s important to prepare your nails for a manicure, and it is equally as crucial to provide them with aftercare once you’re done. A flawless manicure cannot be achieved if your nails are in poor condition. Such products as cuticle oils or nail moisturisers are essential for effective nail nourishment, without such aftercare your nails may be weakened or dried out. If your nails are brittle it becomes difficult to properly apply your polishes, and it is not recommended to keep applying polish if your nails are unhealthy.


    Hydration and rejuvenation are critical for a flawless manicure. 


    A professional manicure shouldn’t just be about how gorgeous your nails look but should also be about how well they are taken care of. There is a diverse range of products essential to achieving salon-grade nails at home and we’ve covered only a few on our list. These items can all be easily found at your local professional nail beauty shop


    As simple as painting your nails may sound, it’s important to invest in products that will protect your nails as well as give them an immaculate shine.