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Top 5 Major Health Benefits of Kratom

    According to the American Kratom Association, there are an estimated five million people who regularly use kratom.

    Kratom has gained popularity within the last decade across the United States, but what is it and what is it used for?

    Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about kratom, including what the health benefits of kratom are and how to take it.

    What Is Kratom?

    Kratom is a tree that is found in southeast Asia and has been used to treat a number of conditions for centuries. The leaves from the kratom tree are used for both medical and recreational drugs.

    Most commonly kratom is known to treat pain. But the herbal treatment can also be used for anxiety, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and coughs. It is also used to lessen the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

    However, more studies need to be conducted before the effectiveness of kratom is confirmed. As such, it isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although, you can find kratom in health stores and online.

    How to Take Kratom

    If you’re thinking of buying kratom, you can find kratom powder and capsules.

    With kratom powder, you can add it to drinks or food. For example, some people like to make and drink their own kratom tea, while other people like to mix the powder in with their morning yogurt.

    Those who don’t like the taste of kratom might prefer to use capsules. Kratom capsules can simply be swallowed with a glass of water like you would take any other supplement.

    How to Use Kratom

    When you’re working out the right kratom dosage for you, you should start off with smaller quantities. Try taking 2-3g of kratom powder and wait to see if the dosage is the right amount for you (you should start to feel the effects after 30 minutes or so.) If you haven’t felt ant positive effects, you can then try taking a couple more grams of it.

    Those who buy high-quality kratom should never need doses higher than 5g at a time. But the best way to find out what works for you is by experimenting and seeing how your body responds to it.

    5 Major Health Benefits of Kratom

    Now that you know a little more about kratom, let’s look at the benefits. Kratom benefits can help those with physical and mental health conditions, by relieving pain and controlling symptoms. You can learn more about Kratom Headshops here.

    1. Relieve Pain

    One of the major health benefits of kratom is that it can help to relieve pain. This is particularly useful for those who suffer from chronic neuropathic pain such as cancer and arthritis.

    Experts believe that the kratom leaves help to relieve pain symptoms by binding the pain receptors in the central nervous system and other areas of the body.

    2. Boost Your Mood

    Those who suffer from depression might also benefit from taking kratom, as some people have found it can help elevate their mood. As well as fighting depressive symptoms, it’s also believed that kratom can help reduce feelings of anxiety.

    Kratom offers similar effects to opioid drugs, which are known to boost and regulate your mood. However, kratom isn’t an opioid, so it’s a great herbal option to take if you want a natural way to boost your mood and feel better.

    3. Fight Fatigue

    Fatigue can prevent you from enjoying things in your daily life and leave you feeling tired all the time. Some people choose to fight their fatigue with coffee or energy drinks, but kratom might also be able to help you boost your energy.

    Kratom leaves can have very positive metabolic effects, which means that your body can generate more energy. Kratom can also help to increase blood circulation, which can help to boost your energy levels even more. Improved blood circulation can ensure more oxygen is transported in your cells, which helps your cells to convert food into energy.

    4. Overcome Addiction

    Due to kratom having opioid effects, some people who are overcoming drug addiction are encouraged to take kratom. Kratom has similar effects of opioid drugs such as heroin and morphine, but it doesn’t have the same comedown effect of those addictive drugs.

    Another benefit of kratom and a reason why it’s used to help those overcome addiction is that it doesn’t have a long-term dependency, unlike heroin or morphine.

    On top of similar effects, kratom can also be used to help with opioid withdrawal. Often opioid withdrawal brings side effects such as nausea, vomiting, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety. So kratom can help to reduce all of the opioid withdrawal symptoms.

    5. Help Manage Diabetes

    Kratom might also be able to help people with diabetes manage their symptoms and lower their blood sugar levels. In kratom leaves, there are alkaloids that might be able to help regulate the level of insulin and glucose in the bloodstream. Regulating insulin and glucose can help people to prevent developing diabetes and can also help those who already manage their symptoms.

    Kratom is thought to interact with a person’s satiety receptors, which can help curb appetites. So, kratom might also be able to help curb your appetite for foods that are high in sugar, which can help prevent diabetes type 2. Curbing your appetite for unhealthy foods is also useful for those who suffer from obesity.

    See how kratom can benefit your physical or mental health conditions, by getting some kratom powder here.

    Try Out Kratom Today

    Whether you suffer from chronic pain or battle with depression, kratom might be able to help you. But that’s not all, there are many health benefits of kratom, so if you’re looking for a herbal treatment to help your physical or mental conditions, give it a try.

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