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Top 5 Medical Alert Systems

    The medical alert systems are perfect for individuals that are living alone or anxiety about getting help whenever they need it. They can also serve as a good solution for active aging individuals that are still living a busy as well as active life but realize that they are not as young as they used to be. The medical alert system usually comes along with fall detection technology, which implies that it would create an alert without been pressed so that help can be sent immediately. This content would compare the top 5 medical alert system so that you can buy the appropriate one when the need arises. Check the article to compare medical alert systems:

    1. Mobile Help

    All the MobileHelp’s medical alert systems are cellular based. As landlines become outdated, cellular device has become a great option for most of the older adults. MobileHelp offers the MobileHelp Duo which includes a base station as well as medical alert pendant. MobileHelp is also an FDA registered company which implies that their products meet the essential requirement and would be perfect for your usage.

    2. Bay Alarm Medical

    The Bay Alarm Medical offers a traditional in-home medical alert system and a mobile option for individuals that are interested in using a mobile based station. Bay Alarm Medical likewise provides a great support and this is why they have several positive reviews from their customers. This medical alert company has been one of the best choices over some years. The company likewise offers a safety as well as peace of mind with a monthly plan and there are no long contracts.

    3. Medical Guardian

    This is also an excellent medical alert system which is widely recommended for everyone that needs to buy a medical alert system. There are several positive reviews from users of the products. Medical Guardian offers in-home medical alert system, a cellular option as well as a fall detection option. You do not need to buy any equipment and the monthly subscription fee is affordable. Additionally, there is no long term contract.

    4. GreatCall Lively Mobile

    The GreatCall Lively Mobile is an award winning medical alert system; it is easy to use Jitterbug cell phones which also have health and safety service as well as standalone medical alert system which is called Lively Mobile. There are three different tiers of mobile alert service which is offered by GreatCall, they include the Basic, Preferred as well as the Ultimate. An urgent care which would allow you to speak to a live nurse or board certified doctor is also included in the Preferred. You can likewise get a prescription for the common medications over the phone. GreatCall Link app likewise helps the caregivers to be well informed about the health as well as safety of the family members with GreatCall products. The Ultimate plan includes everything from Preferred and Basic plans as well as automatic Fall Detection which detects fall and calls a caregiver immediately. Also it includes a free product replacement in case the device is lost, broken or stolen.

    The mobile GPS service of GreatCall is on Verizon network and this set it apart because all the other major medical alert companies are on AT&T or T-Mobile networks. Lively Mobile is a great choice for you if you know Verizon works very well in your area. The Lively mobile is a great choice because it doesn’t have any contract or cancellation fees.

    5. QMedic

    QMedic provides clients with one of the smart in-home medical alert systems and you can either choose a wristband, pendant and cellular or a land line base station. The device likewise has an impressive range of about 1,000ft radius from the base station and this is more than other in-home system. Additionally, QMedics likewise features activity alerts so as to detect deviations in sleep as well as activity patterns. You can also decide to have alerts sent to the professional monitoring center or set up family or caregivers to be notified. The pricing of this medical alert system is also affordable to everyone that might need the service.