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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Portable Icemakers

    Rushing to store to get the ice cubes can be annoying. You never know how much of your time can be consumed in it and it will turn your mood off if the delay is more. A lot of people don’t have enough space in their kitchens to store an ice maker but products like portable ice makers can be great. They are the best ice maker that you can get in the market.

    Unlike a refrigerator that keeps the water frozen constantly, the ice maker holds the ice for a limited time. The best thing about portable ice makers is that they come with a reservoir that holds the melted water, which can be frozen into ice again. You can get instant ice with them. They are an appliance that you must have in your kitchen.

    They don’t require any installation procedure. They can be kept on the tops or a table. You just need to feed them with water and electricity to get the ice from them. There is more than one reason for you to buy them some of which are as follows.

    Small in size: The portable ice makers can be kept at any place where an outlet is there for plugging them in. They can be taken on a road trip or to the camping to get instant ice. You can even make it work with a DC adapter plugged in your car. They are small enough to be kept on the counter of RVs and caravans.

    Faster ice making: You can take out ice from them in less than 10 minutes. With some expensive ones, you can get the ice even in 6 to 7 minutes. This means with a portable ice maker in your home, you don’t need to wait much for getting the ice as in case of the refrigerator which takes at least 30 minutes to convert water into ice. These can work very well for parties and small functions where you can serve drinks with ice without any shortage.

    No drainage or water line: For a normal ice maker, you need to get install a water line and drainage passage but this is something that is not required by the portable icemaker. In some cases, people need to buy a drain pump to drain excess water from the stand-alone ice maker.

    With a portable ice maker, you don’t need to worry about drainage at all as this appliance doesn’t waste any water. They come with a small storage tank where the water from melted cubes is stored to refreeze again.

    They have high productivity: Regardless of their size, they can produce 10 to 12 kg of ice in 24 hours. You just need to store it. On average, these ice makers have 1 to 2 kg of storage capacity.

    Easy to use: They are the easiest appliances that you can use to make ice. You just need to pour in some water and switch it on. After a few minutes, you can take out the ice from it. They can also make a neat restaurant type of ice.