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Top 5 Strategies For Swallowing Pills And Effective Administration

    Are you finding it difficult to swallow the pills? If yes, then you have to use the correct methods that can help you in that. Drinking lots of water can make the pills soften, and you can easily swallow them from your end. You need to understand the ways and the dosage cycle to get things done in the correct order.   

    Sometimes people find it challenging to swallow tablets and capsules; this is where medication swallowing gel makes swallowing more accessible and effective for them. In most cases, the children face these kinds of trouble properly swallowing the pills. 

    Different Strategies You Can Apply To Swallow The Pills 

    There are several strategies that you can apply to swallow the pills effectively. Many of you do not know how you can use it to get things done in the correct order. You have to plan appropriately to achieve your objectives in the right way. 

    1. Drink Water 

    The most well-known and familiar way to swallow the pill is to take it with water. You can take some generous swig of water before taking medicine. It will help you to swallow the pill easily. Swallowing the tablets can be easy if you can take two to three sip of water before swallowing it. 

    If you gag and feel that you cannot correctly swallow the pill, the best remedy, in this case, is to remove the tablet carefully, dry out your throat a little bit and take your time to try the process again. 

    2. Use A Pop Bottle 

    The German researchers have made use of the pop-up bottle for swallowing the pills for the first time. It was designed in such a way to help the people in swallowing the dense tablets. This method will not work well if you plan to swallow capsules as they contain the air inside and weigh lighter than water. 

    You need to select the right way that can help you to swallow the pills most effectively without any problem. Ensure that you have made the proper selection of the option to make your process of swelling the tablets easier for you. 

    3. Lean Forward   

    Keep your shoulders back and your chin up as you have placed the tablet in your mouth. After that, you can take a medium-sized sip of water and quickly tilt your head to swallow the pill. The main idea is to move the tablet back towards your throat.   

    In a research study, it was found that it is one of the best and effective methods to swallow the tablet in the best possible ways. The success rate is 88% in this method. 

    4. Bury In A Teaspoon Of Applesauce   

    You can take the pill with food by burying it with other food materials and use the teaspoon to swallow the tablet. You can also use the fruit puree pudding to consume the tablets. Before that, you must take permission from your doctor to apply this method. 

    Whenever you apply any method for swallowing the pills, ensure that you have taken the expert advice of your doctor to remain safe at your end. 

    5. Make Use Of A Straw   

    You can make use of a straw to swallow your pill. For that, you have to wash it down time and again. Some of the specialized straws available in the market can help you effectively swallow the pills. 

    Ensure that you do not damage your throat while you want to swallow the pills in your mouth. Make proper application of the process that can help you to make things easier for you. 


    Hence, these are some of the standard methods that you can use to swallow a pill properly. These methods are not tough to apply. You just have to know the procedures well to achieve your objectives in a better way. Certain medications are there that you can find difficult to swallow in the right way. You can take the help of some extra things that are convenient to you.