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Top 5 Waffle Makers to Buy in India in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

    Waffle is a dish that’s known for its unique grid-like appearance. The waffle is made with a waffle maker, also called a waffle iron. It gets the shape after pressing the batter between two hot metal plates of the waffle maker. In North America, a waffle is served during breakfast with maple or chocolate syrup. 


    Whereas some European countries like Belgium and France serve it as a dessert, post-dinner. You can use fruits like chopped bananas, strawberries as toppings on it along with cream or chocolate syrup. 


    While waffles are a perfect dish, as it’s easier to serve for breakfast, pack for school-lunch, or serve to guests after dinner. It’s perfect for every situation. You can get packed waffles in stores, but the aroma, the freshness, taste, and texture isn’t something you should expect from a packed waffle. 


    That’s the reason most people are buying electric waffle makers as they get entirely made fresh waffles within a short time. 


    However, buying your new waffle maker is a confusing task, as there are countless models of various brands claiming to be the best product in the market. If you don’t know how to choose the best waffle makers, you can end up with an inferior product that can put a big hole in your wallet.  


    You don’t have to worry about the shopping though if you are reading this article, it means you are in the appropriate place. We will help you with our waffle makers buying guide that’s been prepared after consulting with experts, testing the products, and researching the reviews of consumers. 

    Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Waffle Maker


    Waffle Style – There are two primary types of waffles, an American and Belgian. If you love thick waffles, you should opt for a Belgian style. If small, think waffles are your choice, go for an American style. 


    Quantity – If you are buying a waffle maker for a small family, a single waffle maker is enough, as it can cook 20-30 waffles in an hour. However, for large families, a double waffle maker is needed, it can make upto 60 waffles within an hour. 


    Best Waffle Maker – Buying Guide

    A waffle’s quality is everything – it’s the aroma, its taste, and the texture. If you don’t get waffles that are upto your expectation, what is the use of that waffle maker then? You need to buy a waffle maker that makes the beautiful waffles without any hassle and burdening your pocket. We know the problems and questions arising in your mind, that’s where this buying guide comes handy. We have enlisted all the factors that are essential to consider before purchase. 



    • Style of Waffles

      The style of waffles you eat is the fundamental factor for picking a waffle maker. There are two styles of waffle-making: Belgian and American.

      Belgian: If you are fond of thicker, deep-pocket waffles, this is Belgian style. They are crispy in exterior and moist inside, ideal for heavy toppings and syrup.

      American: While Belgian waffles are excellent for dessert, an American waffle is quite thinner in texture. With the slight pouring of honey, butter, or syrup, it’s a perfect snack for breakfast. They have a honeycomb-like grid.

      It’s better to go for any specific waffle maker as per your waffle interest.

    • Slots in the Maker

      The capacity of a waffle machine is judged by the number of waffles it prepares in an hour. The more waffles it makes, the more slots it has. Below is the table that tells you which waffle maker should you choose:


    SlotsFeaturesSuitable forProsCons
    1. Only a single slot with top and bottom metal plates

    2. Prepares one waffle at a time

    3. Upto 30 waffles in an hour

    1. Bachelors
    2. Couple
    1. Inexpensive 
    2. Compact size
    Smaller cooking capacity
    1. Double grids
    2. Adjustable temperature levels
    3. Can make 2 waffles at a time
    Family of 3 to 5More cooking capacity
    1. Expensive
    2. Needs more space


    • Shape & Size of Waffles

      Shape – If you are into classic designs, go for the round or square-shape waffle makers. However, some waffle makers come in heart or flower-shapes. It’s suitable for those who are looking for creative shapes.

      Size – Belgian waffles are a tad thicker in size, if you are getting a waffle maker mostly for serving dessert, go for the thicker one. Otherwise, you can get an American waffle maker, suitable for breakfast as it’s thinner in size.

    • Material

      The material used for waffle making is determinant of texture and color of waffles, how much time it takes to cook, and how easy it is to clean-up. Choose the grid material of the waffle maker wisely, as each has its pros and cons.

      We recommend a cast iron grid material for the waffle maker, as it’s non-stick, makes perfect waffles, and highly durable.

    • Color of Waffles

      Golden and brown are two color choices of waffle lovers, and if you get a waffle maker check if it comes with a browning control option, you can customize the color of the waffle with this feature.

    • Safety

      Since safety is all we look for, it should be a top priority in waffle maker purchases too. See if it comes with features like ‘auto switch-off,’ ‘lid lock’ to protect children from opening it, and anti-heat exterior to protect from heat.



    If you choose your waffle maker according to the tips suggested by us, it won’t be hard to pick the best waffle maker from the market.