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Top 7 Arm Workouts for Women to Get Toned Biceps

    Every woman dreams to be beautiful. Unfortunately, standing in front of a mirror, a woman can sometimes see a not very attractive picture that her muscles of arms lost their elasticity, became sluggish and somewhat stiffened.

    In many cases, the goal is not to increase the volume of biceps, as most of the men do. Women rather tend to get rid of excessive roundness and flabbiness to make their muscles more contoured and elastic. Training in the gym will be good if you dream of well-contoured biceps, strong triceps, and powerful forearms. In pursuit of this dream, you may tirelessly sweat on every simulator that is available.

    But remember, the arm workout at gym must be passed under the close supervision of your instructor. Then, even the coolest simulators eventually go out of use, but dumbbells have passed the test of time. Using only dumbbells, you can have the arms of your dreams, even at home. To train your arms, you will need small weight dumbbells, but it all depends on your level of preparation.

    Ideally, you better have at your disposal several pairs of different dumbbells with the weight from 2 to 5 kg. Exercises for the arms should be alternated. While you are working on biceps, do not forget about triceps as well. Here you will learn how to build biceps at home. Warm up before your exercises on biceps. Jumps with a skipping rope or dances with improvisations to the up tempo music are perfect for starting a workout.

    To directly warm up the muscles of your shoulders and arms, use physical exercises that familiar to you from the childhood – rotations with straight hands and jerks of bent hands in front of your chest.

    Arms Bending With Dumbbells When Sitting

    Sit down on a bench or on a chair. Put legs apart, the body is slightly bent forward. Put one hand on the thigh, and take a dumbbell in the other hand. In the initial position when the arm with the dumbbell is pulled down, it should remain a few centimeters to the floor. Bend the arm with the dumbbell as you exhale so that the arm becomes at the shoulder level.

    At the end point, slightly twist your wrist inward. Straighten your arm when breathing out. Attention to your shoulders and do all movements clearly, controlling each muscle, 15-20 times for each hand. When performing this exercise on biceps, keep the body motionless and do not unbend the elbow arm sharply to the limit.

    Arms Bending When Standing

    Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart. Arms with dumbbells are lowered, slightly bent at the elbows and pressed against the body. The wrists are turned forward. Bend your arms with dumbbells, trying to twist the wrists so that your little fingers become upper than thumbs. When breathing out, unbend your arms, but not to the limit. This exercise is also worth doing 15-20 times.

    Arms Bending When Lying on the Bench

    Lie down on a horizontal bench or take several stools if you are at home. Take dumbbells and lower your arms slightly bent at elbows parallel to the body. Do not put your arms aside. They should go along the body, the wrists are directed inward. Bend your arms at the elbows without lifting your shoulders when you exhale. While moving, turn your wrists upward.

    At the end point, dumbbells must be at the level of your shoulders. Return to the initial position when breathing out. Do not unbend elbows completely. The number of such exercises is the same as in the previous exercise.

    Arms Bending Behind the Head While Sitting

    Sitting on a chair with a straight back, raise one hand with the dumbbell over your head, the elbow is near to the ear, and the palm looks forward. Bend your arm at the elbow, moving the dumbbell behind the head towards the left shoulder. If you want to pump up the biceps, then maximally bend your arm at the elbow, stretching it under the weight. When driving back, you only bring it to the right angle of the elbow and then bend it again. Repeat the exercise for both arms.

    Arms Bending Behind the Head While Standing

    Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take dumbbells in both hands, lift them up and hold them behind the head. Your elbows should be bent at the right angles and pressed against the head. The chest is not bent. Breathing out, straighten your arms with dumbbells. Return to the initial position, breathing in. To perform this exercise on triceps, you can take more heavily dumbbells. Do this exercise 15-20 times. Your elbows should not go apart. This exercise can also be done while sitting.

    Arms Bending in Slope

    Take dumbbells in your hands. Stand up straight, slightly bend your knees. Tilt the body forward, bend your arms in elbows at a right angle and press your elbows to the waist. This is the initial position. As you exhale, unbend your arms back, not taking your elbows from the waist. Straight arms should be parallel to the body.

    Exercises without Dumbbells. Push-ups

    – Sit down on the floor, back to the chair. Put hands on the seat and push up.

    – Stand on all fours, hands on the width of shoulders, legs are straight. Push up, making sure that your hands in the lower position are pressed against the body.

    – Stand at the wall one step from it. Put hands on the wall at the chest level. Push up, keeping the body straight. The heels must be on the floor and arms pressed against the body in the final position. Repeat push-up exercises by 5-10 times. These exercises for the women’s arms are recommended if the purpose of training is not building-up of muscle mass, as during arm workout at gym, but improving contours and general fitness. Knowing how to build biceps at home, after a month of such exercises three times a week, it will be noticed that your arms became stronger, and your muscles significantly tightened. The point is that such exercises for women are very important, even if the main focus of your training is an improvement of other zones. Proper physical exercises will give to your arms a beautiful shape and attractive appearance. Good luck!

    Written by Helen Rogers