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Top 7 Best Kitchen Sink Materials For Healthy Living

    The source of hygiene starts at everyone’s kitchen. A neat kitchen is less prone to any viral or bacterial disease. Kitchen hygiene initially starts with the sink. All operations are finalized in the sink, and it is the thing that should be given prior importance.

    A perfect kitchen sink can lead to healthy and hygienic living. In this article, we have discussed about the ideal kitchen sink materials that can boost your health, leading a hygienic life.

    Top 7 Kitchen Sink Materials For Healthy Living:

    1. Iron Sink with enamel coating – This sink material is glossy due to its enamel coating. This sink has strong base support. That helps in retaining the life of the sink. It needs regular maintenance because there are changes due to which the wear and tear of the enamel coating will get off, leading to the rusting of the material. This sink is eligible only for that soft and mild kitchen usage.
    1. Stone sinks– This is the most substantial sink compared to the iron sink, and hence you need to seal it regularly. Also, the sink needs strong base support because the stone sink is made up of heavy stones like granite and other stones. The price of the stone sink is high. But it acts as an excellent noise suppressor. 
    1. Concrete sink– This is one of the usual sinks that are manageable and efficient, based on performance. You can modulate the sink due to its moldable character. It is a bit weighty compared to the Iron sinks and hence needs strong base support. It requires constant maintenance and should be appropriately checked for cracks. If not checked primarily, there are higher chances of the cracks growing and damaging the sink altogether.
    1. Fireclay sink-The fireclay sink is prepared by heating the clay and glaze at an extreme temperature of about 1600 degrees. So the metal is rugged and hard enough to provide support. But due to its heaviness, it may require some base support. Due to its compression, it is anti-porous, and not infected by acids or alkali or other chemicals. Also, they do not produce scratches, and hence they are durable.
    1. Copper sink– As the first metal used by our ancestors, it is still an effective and healthy metal used as utensils. Copper is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. So, using this kind of sink provides various health benefits. It also reduces the foul smell that emerges from the leftover food or spilled food. Copper is medically proven to prevent the spread of some infectious viruses like flu, and hence it is one of the most recommended sink wares.
    1. Granite composite sinks– Granite is known for its durability. There is no doubt that the granite sinks are highly durable and resistant to stain and scratches. They are less substantial than stone sinks, but they need base support for a longer lifespan. They are heat resistant and hence do not expand in hot temperatures. Also, they are so smooth to handle compared to other sinks materials.
    1. Stainless Steel– This sink is less in cost and weight, so it does not need massive base support. They are durable and efficient and comes with more convenience. It is because it does not let the food particles stick over the metal, and it is easy to clean. Moreover, it needs fewer maintenance checks compared to other metal sinks.

    Why Is It Important To Think About Kitchen Sink Materials?

    It is Human psychology that one wants to obtain a quality material with preference to health and long resistance. In this article we answer the question: Can a built in microwave be used on a countertop? Click on the link to learn more.

    This is not wrong. Because everybody deserves qualitative things and mother earth is ready to provide, but it needs specific knowledge to identify the right material. Kitchen sinks are of various types and made up of several metals. But it is more important to consider certain things like 

    • Lifespan
    • Heat resistance
    • Health benefits
    • Base support
    • Durability etc.

    Kitchen sinks should qualify the points mentioned above to support humanity towards a healthy and hygienic life.

    What Material Is Best For Your Kitchen Sink?

    Considering the factors and reviews of the top 7 materials, copper and stainless steel kitchen sinks are the best choices. Copper has inbuilt antimicrobial features that can prevent any diseases.

    It destroys the microbes within less than 2 hours, thereby providing a cleaner kitchen area. Also, they are durable with the lesser weight capacity. Moreover, it is easy for maintenance purposes. A soapy sponge cleaning can make it glow. But the fact is that copper metal color changes over time. 

    The stainless steel shares the same properties except for the antimicrobial properties. But they are a safe choice because they are easy to handle and maintain. They do not allow the microbes to stick around. They are non-porous and durable. They are exceptional compared to the copper ones, as they do not change over time.

    If you are the one who is concerned about the antimicrobial properties with long term replacement guarantee sink, then it is best to go for copper sink. If you are the person who relies upon modern kitchen ambiance with safety features, then stainless steel is the only option. 


    Our health relies on even small things. In that sense, kitchen sinks can also create an impact on human health. So, choosing the right material is best for your longevity. Some may be allergic to some metals.

    So, it is recommended to look after internal preference than blindly relying upon the external safety features alone. That means you need not stick on to either copper or stainless steel sinks if you are allergic to those. Other metal sinks may suit you in the first place. To conclude, choosing metal sinks to play a crucial role in your well-being. So, choose wisely.