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Top 7 Exercises to Increase Testosterone

    Testosterone is one of the vital hormones and is essential for our day to day activity. It is beneficial for both men and women and is actively discussed by people. It is the male sex hormone and also helps with bone density, hair, change of voice, and muscle mass.  There are still many people who are testosterone deficient and are not even aware of it. The major reason for this is that people have moved a lot towards automation. This has left people with least amount of physical activity. The levels of this hormone start to fall when they reach late 30`s or early 40`s. The decline in the hormone levels continues at a steady rate post 40.

    There are many ways to increase the testosterone levels however, exercise is the best way. The levels of testosterone decrease because our body stops the production of this hormone. There are many food items which have high levels of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin K. These food items can help increase the testosterone levels. Apart from the food, there are various exercises which can help increase the testosterone levels. In various studies, it has been confirmed that heavy resistance training exercises have increased Testosterone levels in men. Let us look at some of these exercises.


    1. Dips

    It is a very good exercise to boost testosterone levels. It is a simple exercise and does not need much skills or technique. The exercise is good for the chest, back, triceps and shoulder. It is a good compound exercise which we have been doing from our childhood. This exercise helps release a lot of testosterone for the muscle repair. You can do the dips either in the gym or the house. The position of the body on the dip bar decides which part of the body is worked upon.


    1. Surya Namaskar

    This is an exercise which is part of yoga. It comprises 12 different yoga poses and is one of the best exercises to increase testosterone levels in our body. It targets a large number of muscles in one go uses them multiple times. It can be done anywhere and the intensity of the exercise will exhaust you. It helps in increasing the testosterone levels in our body. There are certain supplements such as Testogen, which can help increase the testosterone levels naturally. You can know more about Testogen online before you start using it.


    1. Barbell Squats

    This is also another great exercise. The normal, as well as the squat with weight, are great ways to increase testosterone levels. Using a barbell usually works on the major portion of the back and legs. Although it looks simple, it needs skill and technique to complete it correctly. While doing this exercise make sure that your back is straight and your knees don’t move in the front too much.


    1. High Interval Intensity training

    This is a compound exercise which needs a lot of skill and technique. You need to cover different exercises at a very high intensity. There is no fixed exercise routine which you need to follow. Different types of workout will affect different muscles. The only thing to keep in mind is to use many muscles in a minimum amount of time. This is one of the fastest ways to remove the fat and increase the testosterone levels in the body.


    1. Bench Press

    This exercise helps with muscle building and strength building. This exercise helps with your chest, biceps, triceps and upper back. It requires skill to be done correctly and is the best exercise to increase testosterone levels. The bench press can be done with wide grip as well as a close grip to work on different muscles.


    1. Deadlift

    This is another very effective exercise to boost the testosterone levels. It also helps build muscles. When a person chooses this exercise a large amount of testosterone is released and it helps build the muscle mass. This is beneficial for all types of muscles and is important for the overall muscle growth. Depending on the weight lifted and the number of reps the body will release testosterone.


    1. Pull Ups

    It is one of the simplest exercises which you can do. It helps effectively to build muscle and covers our upper body, biceps, triceps, back, wings, shoulder, and forearm. You can start without a weight and then gradually add weight little by little. It also helps increase strength and endurance.



    It can be said that exercises help increase our testosterone levels which keeps us healthy and gives us a great lifestyle. Try to push your self to do more than what you can easily do. It will immensely help you and you will start to notice the difference.