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Top 7 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

    how to eat more veggies and fruits

    how to eat more veggies and fruits

    The lifestyle you settle for has a significant bearing on your success at weight loss. Why is that so? Well, weight loss is determined by your choices; getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and even eating deliberately. Subsequently, these decisions influence your ability to lose weight.

    If your efforts to lose weight bear no fruit, it is time you review your lifestyle. This article will help you by presenting to you the top 7 reasons you cannot lose weight.

    Skipping Meals

    I agree with the logic behind skipping meals – overeating causes obesity. However, there’s a difference between having the regular recommended meals and overeating. This might surprise you, but failing to eat regular meals will not lead to weight loss.

    The Nutritional Biochemistry Journal details a 2015 study which holds that any temporary abstinence from food only triggers gorging upon re-feeding. Gorging reduces insulin sensitivity, increases intra-abdominal fat deposit formation, and impairs metabolism, all which trigger weight gain.

    Fix this problem by having either three whole or five small meals throughout the day.

    Major Changes in Life

    Which major change has occurred in your life? It could be related to your family, career, or even your financial stability. Notably, any significant change in your life is likely to result in unconscious overeating, anxiety, or stress. The moment the brain encounters a new situation, the connection between the body and mind is severed, and this triggers weight gain.

    It is of essence that a stress management path is followed for a smooth transition. Try out mindfulness practice, yoga, or meditation to relieve stress and promote weight loss.

    You Snack a Lot

    You could be adhering to your healthy diet, but you occasionally break your allegiance to eating health food by eating out. Eating out means you no longer observe your healthy planned meals.

    Research shows that eating out increased your salt, saturated fat, and refined sugar intake. The research further holds that eating out increases your calorie intake by 200 units over the planned meal calorie intake each day.

    This problem should be easy to fix; just reduce the instances when you eat out for a leaner and healthier body.

    Inadequate Sleep

    While quality sleep improves your mental and physical health, it also improves weight management.

    Sleep deprivation encourages late-night snacking. As a result, you will eat more junk food which minimizes weight loss. Research shows that lack of enough sleep is a potential cause of obesity.

    Drink Green Tea to Aid Weight Loss

    Research shows that drinking green tea daily for twelve weeks results in a loss of 2.9 pounds.

    Drink green tea to enhance weight loss by consuming its caffeine and antioxidants which trigger burning of fat.

    Inadequate Water Consumption

    As held by research, water is a calorie-free drink. Water increases the metabolic rate which has the impact of the increased burning of calories. A study revealed that water enables the body to flush out toxins and to discourage one from overeating.

    Drink more water to reverse this the consequences of inadequate consumption of water to trigger weight loss. Use your fruit infuser water bottle to prepare infused or detox water for weight loss.

    Infused water is calorie free, and it helps to fill your stomach for longer, thereby suppressing your appetite. Infused water also triggers the release of fat cells which improves shedding of water weight.

    Skimping on Protein

    If you have been avoiding protein, you should know this – protein has the benefit of reducing your hunger and intake of calories by making you feel full. Research shows that if you consume food with protein with a thirty-percent calorie composition, you will experience a reduction in your calorie intake by four hundred units.

    Fix your habit to skimp on protein by regularly incorporating healthy foods rich in protein in your diet.

    You Don’t Run

    Even if you adopt a viable workout regimen, it is still necessary that you move your body. I recommend running because of its weight loss benefits. Have you ever wondered why most athletes are fit? The reason is that running enables their bodies to burn a lot of calories. Running further enables the body to burn calories even after the actual exercise.

    In a study which compares the effectiveness of walking and running, the results show that running athletes with a BMI equivalent to or greater than 28 lose more weight by a tune of ninety percent over those who walk.

    Therefore, if you have not been running, then you should consider having morning or evening jogs for better weight loss.

    While these lifestyle reasons are not the only ones which could be impairing your weight loss, they are certainly among the most common reasons why you could not be losing weight. Try them, and you could shed your unwanted weight.

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