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Top 7 Weight Loss Motivation Hacks

    Many people can lose weight very quickly than others, but the only thing they lack is the “motivation” to achieve the desired target. They start losing interest after a certain point of time. They find themselves unable to continue what they have started. Some even don’t get started due to lack of motivation.

    They know exactly what to do with weight loss, but they are not doing it. Here comes the motivation factor. We will tell you the top 10 weight loss motivation hacks which will kick you to remain consisted and determined towards your weight loss goal.

    1: Look Into Mirror: “Look into the mirror. That’s your competition”. This is one of the best motivational quotes to inspire yourself. When you gain weight, you usually avoid looking into the mirror. However, make it a habit to see yourself in the mirror every morning. This mirror-exposure therapy will make you worried about your fat. Talk to your reflection about how you are looking. This will help you getting up to make some effort for your extra fat.  

    2: Record Your Progress: Make a weight loss chart. Write down how much you are losing by workout, gym, and dieting. Even you do not lose for a week or so; your previous record will keep you motivated for not giving up. “Never Give Up” attitude is just to shed pounds.

    3: Join a Group: Try to join a class group if you think of yourself too lazy for a workout. When you see other people’s effort, you will be inspired and motivated. Always motivate yourself by thinking “Someone busier than you is running right now.” When you miss any day, your group fellows would ask you the reason for your absence. You can’t get away yourself from going even if you feel sluggish.

    4: Set An Attainable & Realistic Goal: Setting goal too much high that seems unachievable is futile. Set an attainable and realistic goal. Think of what can happen. Give your full effort to achieve it. Break down a big goal into small milestones. How would you feel if the results go beyond expectations? You will scream out loud definitely. “You don’t have to go fast; you just have to go.”

    5: Fat Loss is Like Earning Money: We do not have anything when we first open our bank account. However, by putting our continuous effort, time and energy towards work, our bank balance starts increasing. The same is with fat loss. At the start, something may not happen, but after some time, you would start seeing the positive results. So be patient friends.

    6: Save Money by Reducing Weight: Money is the biggest motivation. Obesity brings many diseases like diabetes etc. You spend hundreds of dollars on medicines. So don’t you want to stay fit and healthy for saving your hard earned money?

    7: Visualize the Slim You: Use your imagination. Think of yourself as slim and smart, walking with confidence and high head, dressed up in your favorite outfit (that can only fit if you are slim), active and energetic. One of the effective motivational quotes to inspire in this regard is “Three months from now; you’ll thank yourself.” So visualize yourself after three months as a slim version of you, and you will have all the motivation.