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Top 9 causes of car accidents and how to be safe on the road

    Car accidents cause numerous death and fatality every year. Every year countless people get injured on the road by car accidents and many lose their precious lives or, even worse, their beloved ones’ lives. The prime reason behind this is human error. Ignorance or mistakes of the drivers play a crucial role in these accidents. With little control and attention, we can avoid most of these accidents, and safeguard ourselves from death & injury. Here are some common reasons behind most car accidents and how we can avoid it.

    Distracted driving

    Distracted driving is one of the prime reasons behind the car accident. According to a study, around 43% of accidents happen due to distracted driving. Application of makeup, eating, calling, and texting are some of the few ways people distract themselves at the time of driving. These harmless activities could put your life in danger. Therefore, pay full attention while driving.

    Drunk driving

    With extra consumption of alcohol, a human’s cognitive ability gets decreased. A drunk person reacts more sluggishly than a normal person. You should be able to make impulse decisions on the road to be safe and alcohol in your system would prevent you from acting so. It is the second most reason behind most car accidents. If you are drunk, hire a cab or call a friend.


    It is very tempting to go full throttle, but over speed can be dangerous. An impact with a higher velocity increases the damage significantly. It can be fatal to the driver. Always drive within the speed limit and follow the rules of traffic for a safe journey. Otherwise, you might have to face penalties. You can visit this URL to learn more about the same. Moreover, when your car is accelerating at a very high speed, the chances of maneuvering your car effectively would be very less. 


    Weather can be unpredictable and it plays a significant role in a car accident. Driving through thick fog or heavy rain can be challenging for anyone. In these situations, visibility can drop more than you can anticipate. Bad weather multiplies the risk of a car accident. Use fog light, and drive slowly in bad weather for your safety.

    Bad roads

    The bad road not only ruins the journey but also increases the risk of car accidents. Many drivers lose control over their cars on a bad road. Many cars collide with other vehicles while trying to avoid pits or potholes. You cannot find solutions for bad roads but, you can drive cautiously and slowly.

    Night driving

    There are two reasons why night driving is dangerous. The lighting is less, which makes it hard to get the right perception of how far the other vehicles are. In some cases, the headlight from other vehicles can blind you for a few seconds. When you are driving at a moderate speed, even a few seconds of blindness could be fatal. The second reason is your sleep. If you are not accustomed to staying up at night, your cognitive skills will drop and you might not be able to concentrate on the road. Avoid night driving and if not possible, keep your vehicle at a very slow speed.

    Blind corner

    Blind corners and sharp turns can be dangerous and many accidents happen in these places. Slow down when you see a turn or corner. Use your horn to inform other drivers that you are coming. With extra attention, you can avoid accidents on a blind corner.

    Flaws in the car

    You would be surprised to know that many accidents happen due to a technical flaw in the car.  A car contains thousands of moving parts; any breakdown in these parts can cause a problem for you. A blown-out tire or any problem with the braking system of the car can cause a serious accident. Pay attention to the maintenance of your car and keep your car in drivable condition.

    Street animals

    You may have not noticed but many car accidents happened due to collision with street animals. Hitting a big animal can cause lots of damage to your car and it can injure you drastically. In some cases, just to avoid these animals, many cars collide with other vehicles on the road. Drive cautiously and look out for animal crossing signs.

    Even when you are driving carefully, you can get hit by another careless driver. In such unfortunate accidents protect yourself with the safety belt, airbags, and others. Accidents happen within 1/10th of a second and sometimes, it is just unavoidable. If you are in an accident, get medical help, no matter how small your external wound might look.  It is important to know your options before going under the knife as the risks and recovery time can be extreme.