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Top 9 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

    To stay healthy and fit a good diet with important nutrients is important. If you would like to go strongly with Runtanstic results, then it’s very necessary to have right foods in order to gain energy – for best results. To get a healthy body, these nine foods are powered with the same. 

    The first thing is the metabolic rate which depends on the muscles you have. Once you have maintained strong and lean muscles automatically you will burn more calories.  Everyone wish to get something while doing nothing.

    Secondly, muscle-building reduces the injuries risk in the short run, and later in life it reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis. As you age passes you can take it to be as an insurance policy for your body.

    Thirdly, it probably makes you happier when you feel and look stronger. Doing all the work by your own, like moving the furniture of your own, carrying away all groceries in a trip,  lifting heavier weights, and letting the muscle tone development happen, can bring a great change in your confidence and self-esteem. 


    • Lentis


    Fiber is a powerhouse and legumes are proteins which is very good for health. For example, lentils are high in protein especially. About 25 g of protein is provided through 100 g of lentis. There is nothing to sneeze at their fiber content. Half of your daily dose (30 g) is covered by 100 g of it. What if you eat after your workout a plate of red lentil curry? Take sarms for better result through sites like .


    • Eggs


    Eggs are the perfect food for muscle building and everyone can easily get it anywhere. About 7 g of protein is provided by one chicken egg. Nearly 100 is its biological value. What does this mean?   More biological value helps to dissolve the protein into the muscle mass rapidly. 2 hard-boiled eggs, for example, would be best post-workout snack.


    • Lean beef


    If you really want good muscle mass, then lean beef is the staple diet. Lean beef contains all kinds of things which are good for muscle growth like zinc, iron and B-vitamins. Moreover it gives the body the high – quality protein and a high level of organic compound which works with the hypoglycemic agent to market muscle growth.

    For people who try to lose weight, this could be a great news – a three oz serving of lean beef roughly provides the same quantity of protein like 1.5 cups of beans at ½ the calories.


    • Skinless chicken


    Chicken is a great supply of high-quality protein that is very important for weight maintenance, bone health and for muscle maintenance and repair. And after all, there are so many different ways to cook and prepare chicken. You can straight away go to the shop and you can easily look for chicken meat withdraws single serving sizes which will be quickly baked.


    • Cottage cheese


    Many people don’t know this; but infact cottage cheese is nearly pure casein protein. Casein could be a slow-digesting protein, this means that it is great for muscle maintenance; it is often helpful for people who have to be empty stomach for long hours. Cottage cheese is additionally a good source of calcium, vitamin B12, and other nutrients.


    • Whey proteins


    There is the reason why whey supplements are famous supplement for muscle-building: with the property of quick and fast supply of proteins. Bodybuilders take whey proteins just after their workouts or when they wake up or sometimes they even mix it with their meals. However, for those people who are non-bodybuilders, can easily take it just after their workouts in order to gain muscle mass. People should not depend on it. It’s very important for people to take proteins from the whole foods by just using whey protein as a modulator.


    • Oatmeal


    A great source of carbs is Oatmeal, thanks to its low glycemic index (GI) value along with its low processing. The benefits of less GI diet measure as follows:

    • Subsequent energy intake (2nd meal effect)
    • Decreased hunger
    • Fat loss 
    • Increased satiety
    • Good micronutrient profile along with a lot of fiber

    In short, there is an increased fat loss for those looking to melt off their fat and a constant supply of carbs for muscle mass.


    • Whole grains


    Grains digest a lot of expeditiously and supply more nutrients than refined grains, and intrinsically promote sustained energy levels along with overall health. For example, rice will boost your growth hormone levels that are vital for encouraging fat loss, lean muscle growth, and strength gains.


    • Fruits and vegetables


    Vegetables and fruits are a rich supply of antioxidants that is important for the good functioning of your system. They give heaps of alternative nutrients, like water-soluble vitamin, vitamin E, and provitamin A. Finally, your body needs the fiber these vegetables and fruits give to assist in correct nutrient uptake and digestion.


    Thus it is very clear that in order to have good muscle mass one should take healthy foods. The idea of taking good fats is important for muscle growth. They play an important role in internal secretion production (growth hormones and testosterone) that helps drive strength and muscle growth. Additionally, fats are required for several important maintenance functions. 

    Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are smart fats. You’ll find it in salmon, other fishes, nuts, and ivy-covered veggies, oils like oilseed, avocados, and seeds. They’re all wealthy in omega- 6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Thus one should always take care of their muscle mass and stay away from the old age problems like Arithritis, chronic pain or knee pain etc.