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Top Dental Care Tips For Healthy Teeth

    Taking care of dental health should become a daily routine, just as we carry out another series of daily activities such as washing our face or eating. And is that the state of our mouth affects the rest of the body, so it is essential to lead a healthy life.

    If we pay due attention to our teeth and gums, we can prevent many diseases, which are tremendously harmful to our smiles.

    In addition, it will not take us more than a few minutes a day, but so that you do not leave behind any critical aspects, we explain six habits to maintain proper dental health.

    You must take care and protect your teeth daily at home with these simple tips to maintain the health of your mouth and have healthy teeth.

    Dental hygiene, the most important thing

    Carrying out good oral hygiene routines at home is the basis of proper oral health.

    Thanks to this custom, it is possible to prevent the appearance of most diseases related to the mouth: cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis, halitosis.

    Brushing our teeth after every meal should be a habit acquired since childhood, either with a manual or an electric toothbrush. Of course, you should use one whose bristles are soft or of medium hardness so that you do not damage your gums or bleed due to excess force.

    In your regular dental clinic, they can teach you the most effective technique to completely clean your mouth without causing a recession of the gums. In addition, a wide variety of toothpaste can be found on the market. Thus, you can choose the best whitening toothpaste for you, although we recommend using one that contains fluoride, as it strengthens the tooth’s enamel.

    Complete your oral cleaning with other utensils

    Tooth washing is not enough to remove all the remains of food and bacterial plaque that accumulate in the recesses of the mouth.

    The interdental spaces, that is to say, those between each piece, are an area of ​​difficult access for the conventional brush. Therefore, dentists recommend that it be combined with interproximal brushes, specifically designed to sanitize this part of the denture.

    Although it is very suitable for people who have fixed prostheses or dental implants, anyone can use this tool. Likewise, the oral irrigator ensures better cleaning of teeth and gums.

    It is an instrument that sprays a water jet under pressure to eliminate any remaining food accumulated in the oral cavity. And, of course, we must not forget dental floss and mouthwashes, whose use is more widespread among the population.

    You can choose the mouthwash that you like the most, although brands that sell some focus on a specific part: for gums, for breath, etc.

    Having strong and healthy teeth is vital to enjoying a good quality of life

    Teeth play a crucial role in eating because they allow us to bite and chew solid foods essential for proper nutrition. In addition, the excellent health of our mouth – tongue, lips, and teeth – depends on whether we can speak well, forming the sounds of each syllable correctly.

    If all this were not enough, wearing a beautiful smile is an essential aesthetic element in our culture.

    The tongue: the great forgotten of oral hygiene

    The mouth is not only made up of teeth and gums: the tongue also requires specific cleaning, and we often forget about it. To achieve complete good oral health, the tongue must also be free of bacteria since it is the part that accumulates the most pathogens. In fact, in many cases, there is the origin of bad breath.  Therefore, our advice is to get a tongue scraper that keeps the tongue clean after each meal.

    Get dental hygiene at the dentist

    You enjoy good dental health and do not have any problems related to your mouth. It is advisable to perform professional dental prophylaxis frequently.

    Ideally, you go to this appointment with your dental hygienist every 8 or 10 months, although the periodicity may vary depending on the state of your mouth. Thus, the specialist usually recommends hygiene every 4 or 6 months to people who have suffered from periodontal disease -gingivitis and periodontitis-.

    During hygiene, the remains of solidified tartar accumulated in the areas that the brush cannot reach are removed. This stone can only be cleaned in a dental clinic, where they have the necessary equipment to sanitize the mouth thoroughly. And it is that this oral cleaning with ultrasound ensures that the teeth are healthy.

    Watch your diet

    Eating a healthy and balanced diet is a very effective way to strengthen your teeth. The daily intake of nutrients and vitamins ensures that the teeth are in optimal health conditions like the rest of the body. But, in addition, reducing the consumption of certain foods helps prevent tooth decay.

    Therefore, as far as possible, avoid frequently eating sugar, soft drinks, and industrial pastries.

    Keep in mind that everything you eat can also affect the aesthetics of your teeth since certain foods have a high coloration. 

    In the long run, it contributes to the appearance of stains and stains on the teeth that, although they have no consequences for dental health, do interfere with your appearance. Tea, red wine, coffee, red fruits, spinach, or green beans are some foods that most stain teeth.

    Correct your occlusion and alignment problems

    Having a bad bite or crooked teeth may not significantly interfere with the look of your smile.

    However, at a functional level, it can be very damaging to your teeth. Therefore, it is not only a question of aesthetics, although, apparently, it also does not distort our image.

    Misaligned teeth and malocclusions generate more caries problems since tartar has more holes in which to accumulate and promote the wear of the pieces. Therefore, we recommend that you go to an orthodontic specialist so that they can evaluate the state of your mouth and put a solution before it affects your dental health.


    The mouth is part of the digestive system. This means that our mouth is closely related to other body systems such as the muscular, digestive, joint, nervous system. The secretory system, for that, is so essential to maintain optimal dental health. The important thing in the care of your teeth resides in you. Dedicating 5 minutes a day, you can prevent most of the diseases that affect your mouth.