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Top Health and Wellness Careers to Consider in 2021

    Careers in health and wellness have it all. You get to help people live their best lives, you get decent pay, and job satisfaction is through the roof. If this describes everything you would want from a career, then no doubt this is the field you need to get into.


    As you already know, health and fitness is a broad career line with tens, if not hundreds, of specializations. Here are some excellent picks to choose from.

    1. Dental Hygienist

    Dental hygienist was named the number one support role in healthcare in early 2020. 

    With the dental profession being named the second-best professional, this is indeed a great time to delve into the field. It’s also projected that there will be tens of thousands of jobs open up in the industry in the next eight years. 

    2. Allied Health Services

    Allied health services are a great option for people looking to pursue health sciences but cannot get into traditional medical careers. This is due to several reasons, among them costs and duration of training. Areas like nutrition, dietetics, podiatry, and occupational therapy all lie in this category.


    See a complete guide on allied health courses here.

    3. Nursing Practitioner

    Nursing is a profession that never seems to fade in popularity or demand. In most states, nurses are licensed to do almost as much as physicians do. The demand for healthcare services is touted to increase in the coming decade, so will the need for nurses. 


    Nursing practitioners also tend to be more lucrative than physician assistant positions in certain fields. These include pediatric, neonatal, adult care, and gerontology.

    4. Diagnostic Sonographer

    Diagnostic sonographers work side by side with physicians but do not have to undergo as much training. This accords them a faster track to employment. Sonographers need at least an associate degree certification and work in medical offices, laboratories, and hospitals.

    5. Surgeon

    Surgeons are among the most respected members of the medical fraternity and among the highest-paid as well. With a median salary of about $208,000 a year, your financial goals will be well within your reach. 


    But getting there will require years of training. The benefits are, however, at par with the time and resources you will have put in.

    6. Radiologist

    Radiologists play a fundamental role in diagnosing injuries and diseases. Professionals in this field use their training alongside tests like x-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs to identify medical anomalies.


    This aside, radiologists also require a masterly of technology and need to keep up with technological advancements in their field. As expected, these professionals are in good demand and attract good salaries even at the profession’s entry-level.

    7. Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

    For individuals who thrive on adrenaline and helping others in a crisis, this line of work will be quite rewarding. The career lives of these lifesaving professionals never see a dull moment. While you do not need a degree to start practicing, you will need some post-high school training.

    Most paramedics work in shifts; this allows you some flexibility in your work schedule as you get to pick a shift that aligns with your home life.

    8. Pediatrician

    Pediatricians are the compassionate health professionals that take care of young children. This is a specialization that requires years of training and hard work. As such, the remuneration tends to be quite impressive. 


    That aside, pediatricians get to help parents keep their children healthy. The job satisfaction of that is more than anyone would ask for. 


    This list looks at similar markers to identify top medical careers in 2021. These include career growth, flexibility, return on investment, and remuneration. Of course, there are many other great careers in the medical field that you might want to explore.