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Top-Notch Vascular Solutions in New York

    Dr. Nirav Patel in Yonkers of Premier Vascular continues to set the standards in the treatment of vascular conditions in New York. Using the latest advancements in technology, the doctor leads a team of specialists in providing customized treatment options against all your circulatory problems.

    About Practice

    Premier Vascular is a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on addressing peripheral arterial disease and venous insufficiency. Your dedicated practitioners commit themselves to ensure patients receive full exams and quality treatment in a compassionate setting. Nirav Patel, DO, FACOS, a vastly trained endovascular and vascular surgeon heads the practice.

    The certified panel of specialists at the practice provides a wide range of quality services such as angiography, angioplasty, atherectomy, vascular ulceration, stenting, vascular claudication and limb salvage. Additionally, you can receive in-office imaging and ultrasounds to secure your health and offer continuous care under a single roof.

    Dr. Patel leads his competent staff in maintaining high-level care of training to provide the most innovative practices available. Each specialist is skillful at treating PAD, diabetic foot pain, wounds, varicose veins and many more.

    Through providing comprehensive imaging and treatment options coupled with a detailed knowledge of vascular diseases, the practice ensures you receive the highest standard of care.

    Available Services

    At the practice, you can receive a full range of quality services from the experts including;

    •       Varicose Veins Specialist- Varicose veins are not just unsightly. They cause even more significant problems if left unmanaged. Nirav Patel, DO is well-versed in eliminating varicose veins using innovative treatment equipment.
    •       VenaSeal Specialist- Thanks to modern medicine, there are more options, including minimally invasive alternatives like VenaSeal™ for addressing varicose veins. At Premier Vascular, your doctor successfully addresses varicose veins with VenaSeal to make the veins disappear.
    •       Wound Care- With a vascular problem restricting the blood flow in your legs and feet, you risk developing a non-healing ulcer. If you suffer from this condition, you deserve specialized wound care to facilitate speedy healing and stop infections. Contact Premier Vascular for effective wound care options including debridement, tissue substitutes and therapies.
    •       Peripheral Arterial Disease Specialist- Does your leg pain occur when you are active and dissipates when you rest? This commonly indicates PAD. For this condition, Dr. Patel uses minimally invasive therapies to restore normal blood flow and help prevent PAD.
    •       Diabetic Foot pain Specialist- Diabetic foot pain indicates severe disease, including nerve damage and circulation troubles. It is imperative to seek medical intervention at first sight of this condition. Dr. Nirav specializes in diabetic foot pain with intensive wound care to avoid amputation.
    •       Endovascular Procedures Specialist- When walking becomes difficult due to leg pain brought by plaque, you can benefit from an endovascular procedure. This treatment seeks to efficiently eradicate blockage without surgery. Contact Premier Vascular to learn how you can benefit from an endovascular procedure.
    •       Vascular Ultrasound Imaging Specialist- A vascular ultrasound imaging offers wholesome information about your blood vessels’ conditions. If you seek solutions for your vascular problems, contact Nirav Patel, DO, at Premier Vascular for effective diagnosis and treatment.

    Vascular conditions demand that you act appropriately by seeking professional assistance without delay. Call, or schedule an appointment online with Premier Vascular specialists for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.