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Top Reasons To Scrape Your Tongue When You Brush Your Teeth

    Most people associate oral health with their teeth. In other words, look after your teeth and your oral health will be fine. However, this isn’t the entire story. 

    Your teeth are simply part of your mouth, although an important one. You do need to brush them twice a day for two minutes at a time. It’s also advisable to floss daily as this removes debris from between your teeth and helps to eliminate plaque. 

    Of course, seeing a good dentist, such as this dentist Five Dock, should also be an essential part of your routine. It’s the best way to find problems and deal with them early before they become a bigger issue. 

    However, while many people also use mouthwash to help control bacteria in their mouths, you may not have considered brushing your tongue. It’s time you do, every time you brush your teeth. 

    Brushing Removes Bacteria

    Brushing or scraping your tongue removes the bacteria that build up on it. Your tongue has an uneven surface. Part of this is due to the taste buds that cover it. But, it also has surface variations thanks to the papillae.

    The result is there are plenty of places for bacteria to hide. These bacteria can react with sugar in the food you eat. The by-product of this interaction is acid, which attacks your teeth and weakens the enamel. Ultimately, you can develop cavities and even lose teeth. 

    Alongside this, the bacteria can flourish on your tongue where it is dark and moist, the perfect breeding ground for them. This can result in a variety of infections. 

    In mild cases, the infection will clear by itself. In more serious cases it can cause bad breath and ulcers. 

    It’s worth noting that the health of your mouth is directly linked to your overall health. Looking after your teeth, tongue, and other parts of your mouth can help you to stay healthy. 

    How To Scrape Your Tongue

    You can use your toothbrush. But, it is better to invest in a proper tongue scraper. This can be run across the surface of your tongue. Run it over the tongue repeatedly, trying to ensure you cover all the surfaces of the tongue. 

    You should scrape for approximately one minute. Doing it once a day is enough. After you’ve scraped it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with water or a non-alcoholic mouthwash. You can then brush your teeth as normal. 

    Benefits Of Tongue Scraping

    Aside from the obvious benefit of having a healthier mouth, you’ll find that regular tongue scraping offers the following:

    • Lowers Plaque & Tartar

    Plaque and tartar can build up on any surface in your mouth, including your teeth. It can then cause a variety of issues. Scraping your tongue daily eliminates this concern. 

    • Gives Fresher Breath

    A build-up of bacteria smells. The greater the bacteria in your mouth the higher the likelihood of smelly breath. Simply scraping your tongue reduces bacteria and lowers your likelihood of smelly breath.  

    • Improves Your Taste

    Your tongue is covered in taste buds. But, if these are covered in bacteria and plaque they won’t work as effectively. Scraping eliminates them and allows you to taste food better. 

    In short, you need to start scraping your tongue today.