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Top six useful services for travelers

    What are the trends in the travel industry?

    Traveling is by far one of the best entertainments that modern people can choose and dedicate all their life to this activity. The recent globalization trends have made it even more easier for international tourists to cross the borders and visit new countries, so the total number of travelers steadily grows year by year. At the same time, the latest technological advancements really changed the attitude to traveling, as many inconveniences and challenges were eliminated with the introduction of useful services for travelers. Flightradar, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and other similar apps and websites are actively used by tourists worldwide, as they are called to offer real value to their clients.

    The best services to track plane online

    Flightradar is fairly considered one of the most reliable companies specialized in the flight-tracking systems. This service gives its users access to important information about commercial flights taking place worldwide. The company’s website and app have user-friendly design with all the main functions clearly described. Flightradar updates the information about commercial flights every 1-2 minutes, so this is exactly the case when users can benefit from high-end real-time flight tracker.

    FlightAware is another popular flight-tracking service that works both on Android and IOS devices. This mobile app has many unique features in its arsenal (e.g. full-screen maps or unlimited flight alerts) to keep its users satisfied, especially if the customer opts for the premium account. The app works really flawlessly on different devices providing the customers with an opportunity to track plane online with minimum delays.

    FlightStats is another popular service for tracking aircraft. Users can either visit the website or download mobile app. Similar to other flight-tracking services, FlightStats can be used for free. However, if the customers subscribed for the paid version, they will get access to such unique features as historical flight status, flight alerts, departures and arrivals boards, etc.

    The best services to rent a flat or book a hotel room

    Airbnb is a perfect service for renting rooms or apartments from local people. In fact, the company helps its clients to find the golden mean between expensive hotel rooms, places to stay in Nashville, and low-cost hostels. The service works in more than 191 countries all over the world, so finding a flat to rent on a trip is not such a big deal for its users. is a travel metasearch engine that helps tourists looking for lodging reservations. It should be noted that the website offers more than 28 million listings, so the users have a big choice of hotels and hostels with comments from previous visitors. Moreover, the website operates in 43 languages, which is the evidence of the fact that this company targets the customer from all over the world.

    TripAdvisor is one more popular travel service that is aimed at helping people ideally plan their next trip based on the experience of other tourists. Actually, this is a global platform that offers user-generated content to allow its clients to find accommodation, make reservations for transportation, book restaurants online, etc. Overall, the website contains reviews for as much as 1.3 million hotels and 4.9 million restaurants.