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Topic: Sex Toys To Increase Your Libido

    Sex is great and is packed full of health benefits like improving heart health, boosting your immune system, improving bladder control and much more, but it’s hard to find the energy to have regular sex when leading busy lives! When your libido is low, there’s not a lot that can make you want to get down and dirty. But here are some sex toys from Mega Pleasure that may help increase your libido.  

    Vibrating Cock Ring

    Vibrating cock rings are an all-in-one couple’s toy that provides stimulation to both the wearer and the partner. The vibrations directly stimulate the clitoris when used in certain positions to help you reach mutual orgasms. Vibrating cock rings can help to increase your libido and help with your sexual performance. They sit at the base of the penis to restrict blood from leaving the erectile tissue making your erection longer and stronger. The vibrations from the vibrating cock ring along with the thrill of incorporating a sex toy into your relationship is sure to increase your libido. 

    Remote Controlled Love Eggs

    Remote controlled love eggs are a great sex toy to incorporate into your sex life to increase your libido. They are small ball or egg shaped toy that you insert into the vagina that sit inside and create incredible vibrations or pulses that stimulate the whole clitoral network, the vaginal wall, anal area and labia. They’re extremely versatile and effective in increasing your libido. Pop in a love egg before your date night and hand the remote to your partner for some sensual surprises while out. The thrill of playing with this discreet toy in public along with the sensational stimulation that it gives is enough to boost your libido to the max. You’ll never want to leave the house without one again!

    Wand Vibrator

    Wand vibrators aren’t new on the sex toy scene. They’ve been around for a while and for good reason. Wand vibrators are extremely versatile and can be used for solo play as well as foreplay and sex. You can use a wand vibrator to increase your libido during your masturbation sessions, the more you use it the higher your libido will be naturally! The soft silicone heads on the wand vibrators are great for tracing over your body as well as placing at the base of your penis for extra stimulation during oral sex. They’re sure to increase your libido!

    Bullet Vibrators

    Another incredible vibrator is the bullet vibe. They’re small but definitely pack a mighty punch. When your libido is low, it’s hard to get yourself in the mood. But luckily one stroke with a bullet vibrator and you won’t want to stop. They’re a perfect portable toy to take with you wherever you go, whether that’s on romantic getaways, important work trips or on your annual holidays. Bullet vibrators can always be sure to help increase your libido and they are great for using alone or to get you in the mood before engaging in partner sex.