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Training During the Quarantine

    Due to the current pandemic, Corona virus, many gyms across the country are closed. However, many personal trainers are assisting clients in how to perform complete, total body workouts at home. Many have found the in-home personal training can be quite beneficial. So, what are some ways you can perform a workout at home?


    According to Mclean personal trainer Eric leader, there are tons of exercises that you could do simply at home. Among the list of bodyweight exercises including jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups, chin-ups, and walking lunges.


    Cardiovascular exercise can easily be completed by simply utilizing one’s stairs or simply walking outside. Resistance training can be performed utilizing resistance bands or even cans of soup.


    According to Mr. Leader if clients are following a sound diet and keeping their exercise consistent, they can maintain or even improve on their condition at home. He says the trick is consistency and duration. If workouts are consistent and done over an extensive. Time results are inevitable.


    As an in-home personal trainer himself, he owns a company called everybody’s personal trainer that’s Services Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania. With the current environment and principles such as social distancing being an important measure, learn how to workout at home is vital. However, utilizing some of the techniques listed in this post can help you to stay in great shape


    Many times, we underestimate how many activities can be performed outdoors. Aerobic activities such as step-ups, Jumping Jacks, and runs and Sprints are easily performed outdoors. Exercising outdoors can also be therapeutic since you get fresh air and vitamin D from the Sun. Sometimes working out inside can be monotonous and boring. Exercising outside can break that monotony. It’s a little bit more exciting and fun.


    All of this being said accomplishing results cannot take place without proper nutrition. One should make sure that they are in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight. Tracking calories either via an app or a food journal is essential. Also, lower carbohydrate intake and really help to reduce body fat and weight. Additionally, if muscle gain is the goal, increasing protein intake and caloric intake would aid in muscle growth and size increase.


    Regardless of whether you are training at home or at a gym, it is essential that you set short-term mid-range and long-term goals. Achieving goals will help keep you focused and will really aid in adherence to your program. However, make sure that your goals are realistic, attainable, and specific. Motivation is a very large part of the equation and goal-setting has everything to do with motivation. Many times, if an exercise program is left without specific goals to accomplish the exerciser will go astray. By setting goals studies have shown that exercise adherence increases dramatically.


    Remember your muscles do not know whether or not you are in a gym setting or simply at home utilizing other activities that can be performed in such an atmosphere. At the end of the day, muscles respond to overload, not equipment. If you make sure to overload the muscle, you can not only keep your gains but increase them.


    Adhering to the principles outline above, one does not have to lose their gains from the corana virus lockdown.  Adequate workout programs can be performed at home, and if done consistently and with a proper diet one can maintain and even improve on their condition.  As always, results take time and consistency is so vital to success.  Remember to never give up and like they say Rome was not built in a day, right?  Best of luck.