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Treadmill Vs. Jogging—What’s Better for Cardio Workouts?

    Cardiovascular exercises that get your heart rate up are essential for losing weight in combination with a good diet. The most popular form of cardio is running or jogging. There are two main ways to run these days. You can either get out and jog or run for 30 minutes, or you can go to a gym and use a treadmill. Are both activities the same? Is either one better than the other? Read below to find out whether using a treadmill is better or worse than going jogging or running:

    Using a Treadmill is Easier

    There is an actual physiological difference between using a treadmill and running on a road. You cannot imitate the same physical activity on a machine exactly. In short, running on a treadmill is actually easier than running on a road. There are several reasons for this. For starters, when you are in a gym using a treadmill, you don’t encounter any wind resistance. More significantly, the belt of the treadmill actually helps your feet move in the running motion. This assist allows you to achieve faster speeds on the treadmill with less exertion than on a road.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to this. If you are new to running, starting on a treadmill is is a great way to get used to the exercise quite easily. On the negative side, you aren’t running as fast as you think you are on a treadmill.

    You Can Burn More Calories Jogging

    Because the outdoor terrain is more challenging, you can burn more calories jogging when the duration and speed of the workout are roughly the same. That is not to say that you burn fewer calories on a treadmill. You can burn as many as 500 calories spending 30 minutes on a treadmill. Jogging also works for more muscle groups than using a treadmill. Therefore, it’s recommended to try out different types of cardio machines to maximize your cardio workout. You can learn about the differences between various cardio machines at

    Jogging Allows More Resistance

    Jogging outside is a more physically intensive activity than using a treadmill. Outdoors, the road is rough and uneven, and there will also be wind resistance to some degree. Essentially, you will end up working your muscles harder to achieve the same speeds as on a treadmill. Jogging or road running is known to contribute to hardening of the soft tissue of the feet because of this resistance. So if you crave intense, high resistance cardio, jogging, running, and sprinting are highly effective.

    Treadmills are Easier on the Joints

    Running or jogging is a high impact activity that will definitely be felt by your joints. Treadmills, though, don’t have the same toll on joints that jogging does. If you suffer from joint problems, then the treadmill would be the best method to get some effective cardio.

    Treadmills are Versatile

    One major advantage of treadmills is that you can control the incline and the speed as you like. When you are outdoors, you might end up getting stuck on an even street. Treadmills are highly recommended for achieving speeds and managing resistance in a controlled environment. Treadmills are versatile and controlled in a manner that outdoor jogging could never be.

    There is a difference between jogging and using a treadmill. But rather than using one over the other, combine the two forms of exercise for the most benefits. You can control your pace and enjoy a low-impact form of cardio on the treadmill, while you can enjoy a great challenge jogging.