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Treating a Dog Bite: 5 Important Actions to Take

    little charming adorable chihuahua puppy on blurred background. Attacking a persons hand

    With 4.7 million people getting bit by a dog per year according to the CDC, learning how to treat a dog bite is a good skill to have. Even though this is only 1.8% of the U.S. population, if you are the one that was bitten — it matters.

    We are here to help you learn what to do after getting bit by a dog. Continue reading to learn the most important tips for dog bite treatment.

    1. Get the Patient to Safety

    Before trying to fix anything, immediately get the patient to safety. If they feel like they might be attacked again, they may go into panic mode and hurt themselves.

    If the dog’s owner is there, have the owner remove the dog, so you don’t have to move the patient.

    2. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

    Anyone who is treating a wound should be wearing personal protective equipment. If you don’t have any available, make sure everyone washes their hands right away to maintain safety.

    3. Control Bleeding

    If the wound is bleeding, you should focus on controlling bleeding before doing anything else. Unless there is severe bleeding, you shouldn’t use extreme measures like a tourniquet. 

    4. Clean & Cover the Wound

    Once you’ve taken care of the bleeding, it’s time to clean and cover the wound. You can clean the wound with whatever soap you have and warm water. 

    You should clean inside the wound to get any hair, saliva or anything else out of the wound. Rinse the wound well when you clean it with soap. Depending on the soap you use, it may be considerably painful to the patient.

    You can have them bite down on a rag, stick, or anything else to help them get through the pain.

    5. Know When to See a Doctor & Lawyer

    If you have severe injuries, you may need to go to a doctor for help. If you have a deep puncture wound, you may need to take antibiotics, which you’ll need to get from your doctor.

    In case you don’t know the dog, you should also be checked for rabies. If you have rabies and arent treated for it, it is likely to be fatal.

    These medical bills can cost a great deal and if you know whose dog it is, you may need to speak to lawyers like Sweet James lawyers to get paid for your dog bite.

    How to Treat a Dog Bite – Now You Know

    Now you know how to treat a dog bite, and you can take care of yourself or someone else if this happens. Being prepared can save a life and keep you or someone else from severe scarring.

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