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Try this Simple Exercise for Immediate Back Pain Relief

    Back pains can be quite annoying and it can alter your mood immediately. Like a nagging migraine, back pain can affect your day by affecting your performance on your daily tasks and making you feel more tired and grumpy. Back pains have many possible causes, from a simple incorrect posture to a possible underlying health condition. The cause of back pain may be a different story and your response is seeking immediate pain relief. Painkilling meds are already out of the question, so here are simple exercises for immediate relief from back pain.

    1. Try Partial Crunches

    The partial crunches exercise is a quick and effective way to relieve back pain caused by slightly strained muscles due to improper lying down position. This can happen when your pillow ratio is not the usual or you are not comfortable with the mattress you slept into. By doing partial crunches, you stretch the back and allow the muscles to stretch out and be refreshed.

    Partial crunches are done by lying flat on your back with both of your legs bent and the feet are placed flat on the floor. You can either place both your hands, palms down, under your lower back side or you can use both hands as leverage and place behind your ears. Slowly and carefully raise your head and upper back while gathering strength from your core. This action will stretch the back muscles. Complete 5 partial crunches for each set. Do four to five sets of partial crunches to relieve back pain.

    1. Wall Sits

    A wall sit exercise may be a technique to strengthen the quadriceps, but it is a proven effective technique to relieve back pain caused by improper posture when sitting or lying down. By doing a wall sit, your spinal column and muscles are realigned into a straight and proper posture without invading the back area a lot. This exercise is done by placing the entire back area against the wall and move into a sitting position with only the pelvis and legs supporting your weight.

    Bonus point: this exercise does awesome stuff to your abs so you might want to take good note of this.

    1. Press-Up Back Extensions

    Press-up back extensions exercise targets mainly the back muscles and enhance them through continuous exercise. In addition, this exercise is an effective back pain relief technique because presses up to the back muscles and tendons for a few seconds, then release them to a refreshing start and realigning the muscles properly. This is done by lying on your stomach with both arms pressed forward. Slowly and carefully, raise your body by taking support from the arm. You will feel that your backside is gradually compressed. Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat of 5 sets.

    1. Bird Dog

    The bird dog exercise is an effective and classic technique done to enhance the core strength and muscles. At the same time, it enhances your balance and lowers back strength. Improving back strength is one effective way to prevent back pain and any form of back injury. For back pain relief, the bird dog exercise works by realigning the muscles and tendons on your backside which would help relieve the pain and prevent it from reoccurring.

    Bonus tip: here is another type of exercise that works excellently with your abs and core.

    1. Lifting Weights May Help

    Lifting weights may help give immediate relief to back pain because the strength released from lifting can also release adrenaline, which is an effective and quick pain reliever. However, be careful when trying out this technique, as lifting heavy weights may cause more pain in your back than relieve it. When choosing this form of exercise, it is important that you know the correct weight to handle. Your weight, height, and strength are things to consider, so you should seek professional help from an instructor when trying out weight lifting.

    1. Aerobic Exercise

    Aerobic exercise makes your body undergo different exercise routines that affect all parts of the body, including the back side. Although this mainly works on stamina and endurance, aerobic exercise also strengthens the muscles and enhances its flexibility to prevent injuries. This is also a fun way to perform exercise because it works more by moving your body and sometimes it may even require some dance moves.

    There are also some aerobic routines that target back pains specifically. Doing aerobic exercise can relieve back pain by boosting your resistance to pain and injuries, and improving your flexibility. However, be sure to start slowly and carefully especially when you do not yet know the cause of back pain, as sudden strenuous exercises like this may worsen the pain.


    Back pain may come to you at any time, but it’s good to know that you have simple exercises that can definitely help with easing the pain. If you have chronic back pain, you will need to seek professional help where you can undergo therapy such as using an inversion table. For chronic back pain, it is important to know what is causing the pain to ensure that you apply the correct therapy.