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Two Effective Methods Used for Whitening The Teeth

    Teeth whitening is in trend right now; everyone is looking for a pearly and shining set of teeth. Suppose you are considering getting the whitening process done on your teeth. In that case, it is necessary to be aware of all the methods that help treat discoloration and improve tooth color. Make sure to consult your dental health provider to check if you are a suitable candidate for getting your teeth whitened. This is because the process of teeth whitening involves certain advantages as well as risks. Teeth lightening can enhance the appearance of your smile and your confidence levels. However, overuse of peroxide can lead to damage. Check the website for more. 

    The teeth are whitened with the help of peroxide. This ingredient enhances the color of teeth by bleaching the enamel area and ultimately making the teeth appear more white. The effectiveness of the material used in whitening the teeth is dependent upon the component of peroxide levels present in the product. Generally, the products available in the market have 10%, 16%, or 22% of peroxide present in it.

    Methods used for teeth whitening

    1. In-Office Bleaching

    This method is done in the dental clinic. The process does not involve much time and provides efficient outcomes with professionalism. It takes about an hour or slightly more. The process may be a bit costly for some people. However, the results and the time taken for the process makes up for it. Other procedures used for bleaching the teeth require more time And do not provide similar results.

    1. Teeth Whitening Tray/ Gel

    These are one of the common use methods of teeth lightning. They are helpful but provide slower results. The patient may have to wait for a long period to observe the outcome. As compared to professional bleaching, the time taken to observe results may be more, and the results are not guaranteed. The result is dependent upon the strength of the product used. There are two kinds of teeth whitening trays available. You can get them from your dental health provider or shops. They are both used for lightening the color of your teeth. However, there are particular distinctions in the results provided by them. The teeth whitening products provided by the dentist give more efficient results in less time than over-the-counter products.

    Before you try the teeth whitening method, take recommendations from a dentist.