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Types of fitness workout equipment for calisthenics training

    Pull-ups, chin-ups, jump squats, dips, pushups, etc., are all examples of exercises for body fitness that involve various gymnastic movements like movements that use the bodyweight of the person to complete the process.  Those who want to set up their own gyms at home with minimal cost without spending many dollars on costly exercise equipment that can help to achieve their fitness goals while making the sessions most enjoyable will benefit from investing in some equipment for calisthenics training like the ones available from Gravgear. Most of the equipment for callisthenic training is easy to set up within small spaces, which makes it most attractive for home gyms.

    It does not always require lifting heavy weights to create and maintain a shapely physique. A proper selection of calisthenics can help meet your expectations of a shapely and muscular body. When you plan to buy your own fitness equipment with a focus on calisthenics training, the following are some of the must-haves.

    Power Tower

    A Power Tower is ideal home equipment for performing calisthenics as it requires minimal space to install. The affordable equipment that it is, the Power Tower, allows you to perform multiple calisthenics and gives incredible value for money. A typical Power Tower is made from a solid steel structure, and the design is flexible to match the needs of people of all ages. It has various bars at different levels, and by adjusting it to different heights, you can increase the number of movements.  You can set up the Power Tower indoor or outdoor by choosing the appropriate model.

    Doorway pull-ups bar

    The Doorway pull-ups bar is another excellent piece of equipment for calisthenics training that is highly flexible and light and can be set up anywhere, including your home office, where you can quickly do some exercise between your busy schedule. The equipment helps to perform all calisthenics back movements, but allowing you to do the hanging ab exercises, allows you to build your core.

    A total workout bar detachable from the doorway is versatile equipment as you can use it on the ground. You can place it on the ground and do your pushups, dips, handstands, and more. The portable equipment can accompany you wherever you go so that you do not miss your daily training program.  

    Weight vest

    When you are in the advanced stages of exercising and have mastered most of the calisthenics movements to attain the desired level of fitness, it is time to challenge yourself and up your game in building muscles faster. At this point, the weighted vests will help to meet your goals efficiently and quickly as it will add to your body weight. You can adjust the weight of the vest by adding or removing the weights attached to it. Adding weights incrementally will help to raise your performance bar and build stronger muscles in a short time.

     Vests are available from 12lbs to 140lbs and offer a wide scope of enhancing your calisthenics workouts.