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Types Of Mattress Toppers And How They Affect You

    When we sleep, we shed dead skin and sweat a lot. Also, if we have pets, they sleep with us on our bed. Their hair also falls on our bed, and all these things leave a mark on our mattress. They not only never come out, but are also unhygienic. Health sleep is very important to all of us.


    That is why it is crucial to use a mattress topper. It is an extension to the mattress, an extra layer which can make the bed more softer/firmer and comfortable.


    They safeguard your mattress against stains, and allergies, and keep it new. Moreover, they are easy to clean, and the best part is that it provides support to your body.


    Let’s learn about the type of toppers and how they can affect us.

    Types of Mattress Toppers

    1. Latex

    A latex topper for a mattress is expensive, but it offers great support and is comfortable too. It made using both natural (made from rubber tree liquid) and synthetic material, so be careful when you buy one.



    • It is firmer than most toppers but feels soft.

    • It relieves pain, and provides comfort by hardening or softening the mattress.

    • It has a long life

    • Non-allergic (if you are allergic to latex, don’t buy) and uses eco-friendly materials.

    2. Wool

    There are mattresses that use wool’s natural material. It is expensive but comfortable.


    • It is comfortable, and the material is soft

    • It keeps away bugs and mites

    • People who have allergy with synthetic material can use this topper

    • It can last for many years

    • It keeps the bed cool in summer and warm in winters

    3. Memory Foam

    One of the popular types of mattress topper that people use is memory foam. It is highly expensive.



    • It eliminates the noise and irritation of a companion who moves and turns a lot while sleeping.

    • It is durable and can last for many years

    • It supports back, joint or muscular pain.

    • It adapts to the body providing support and comfort.

    • You can find various range of this topper with wide densities. It helps you find the topper with perfect firmness.

    4. Goose or Duck Down

    The best topper for a comfortable sleep on a soft surface is Goose. They are not the ideal choice for people who require a firm topper or have an allergy.


    • It is durable

    • It regulates the temperature according to the season

    • It eliminates any disturbance due to movement on the bed.

    5. Polyester and Cotton

    A topper made using cotton mixed with polyester and other material. The price of this type of mattress topper can vary according to the product used.



    • They have a reasonable price
    • The material used can be both organic and synthetic
    • A cotton topper is easier to clean
    • You can get a high soft thread count with this.

    6. Egg Crate

    The egg crate topper has this name due to its shape and little bumps. The material used for this range from basic foam to memory foam and others. Thus, its price can vary, and you can get it at affordable prices.


    • It is great for camping and holidays

    • It is lightweight which makes it easy to roll.

    • The price is low compared to other toppers.

    Other types of toppers

    • Filtered Topper: You can fold it around the mattress and change whenever you want.
    • Zippered Topper: It zips around the mattress so it won’t slip off. It works as a firm barrier against stains and sweat.
    • Polyurethane Topper: A waterproof topper that doesn’t let any noises disturb your sleep.
    • Polypropylene Topper: It can incorporate slow moisture absorption which makes it stain resisting and easy to wash.

    How are they effective for us?



    • It is extra layer of comfort


    Without a topper, the mattress softer part will squeeze due to your body weight. But if you use a mattress topper, it will provide you with one extra layer that will take the brunt. It also gives you an extra layer to sleep in comfortably and rotate and turn. If you are confused which one to choose, check out these mattress toppers suggested by InsideBedroom.


    • Keeps Bacteria away


    Your body has a lot of bacteria, and we also shed dead skin often. If you don’t want that to escape into the mattress and ruin it, use a mattress topper which you can easily wash.


    • Soaks Body Sweat


    We sweat a lot when we sleep, and all that dirt will go obviously inside our mattress. That is not healthy. A mattress topper will soak the precipitation, and it is easy to wash or replace it.


    • No Unwanted Imprints


    Foam mattresses eventually compresses due to their structure. When you use a mattress topper, it will take any sag or imprint, and the mattress will remain firm.


    The above three points increase the life of the mattress, and it looks new for a longer time.


    Adding a topper can make your mattress a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny. It saves your mattress from stains and natural wear and tear. It can also help with body aches and pains too. See toppers for back pain for more info.


    Find the right topper for your mattress by choosing the type that suits your needs the best.