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Types of Spas to Visit in South Charlotte, North Carolina

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    One thing many of us humans are guilty of is working so hard, all the time, that we forget our bodies are not made of wood or metal, and so, needs rest from time to time. If machines made from metal often break down when overworked, how much more our fragile bodies that are not as strong?

    While after a hard day’s work, many people become reenergized once they get the minimum amount of sleep as recommended by doctors, others need special body treatments to be reinvigorated and ready for the world again. You can check out Urbana Spa, South Charlotte NC, for more on therapeutic body treatments and how it can help you.  

    What is a Spa?

    A spa is a place where spring water rich in many minerals is used for medicinal baths. Although this type of body treatment is quite popular today, especially in Japan and Europe, this belief in the healing powers of hot springs goes all the way back to prehistoric times. The term originated from Ancient Rome and Greece and was used to describe thermal springs that occurred naturally. 

    Today, the word “spa” is used to describe a wide range of services and can refer to something as a simple facial and massage business to more sophisticated places of body pampering. Since those prehistoric times, not much has changed in this space as spas remain places of luxury body treatment; the only difference would be that these destinations have changed, and the service can now be provided within closed doors. 

    Types of Spas

    There are several types of spas that people looking to give their body a special treatment can explore. They are:

    Day Spas

    In addition to their selected range of treatment, a day spa often offers salon services for clients. They are a perfect fit for people who do not want a long-stay or overnight treatment, usually because of time constraint. 

    In most cities today, over 75% of these body treatment centers are day spas with limited facilities. That said, clients still get luxury facials and massages that are sure to relieve any tensed muscle resulting from stress. 

    More expensive ones with more facilities boast a wide range of skin-rejuvenating, and stress-relieving treatments. They are often quite spacious to accommodate changing rooms, tranquility room, saunas, and steam rooms. In luxury body treatment centers like this, it is common for customers to receive robes, slippers, snacks, and healthy beverages along with the treatments. 

    The main drawback with day spas is that due to their low cost, they are often crowded which may cause customers to miss the relaxed ambience they paid to experience. To check this, some owners restrict the number of customers that can be present inside the facility at a given time.  Click here to learn more about saunas. 

    Destination Spas

    They are also referred to as health farms or spa resort and they aim to improve the overall health of their guests. In these locations, guests can unwind with their full range of traditional spa treatment, while they enjoy the establishment’s itinerary specifically designed to offer a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their stay. 

    Other services like stress reduction classes, fitness classes, nutritional meals, and insightful lectures that educate guests on how to live healthy after returning home are also included in the program. Some spa resorts do not allow stays of less than two nights as they believe guests will not enjoy the full benefits of their itinerary if they spent a shorter time. 

    These destinations are perfect for people who have a lot of time to unwind as stays are usually up to a week. They are expensive but customers certainly get a bang for their buck. 

    Bootcamp Spas

    These offer all the basic treatments like facials, manicure, massage etc. that are common at a traditional spa. In addition, they take it up a notch by including vigorous workout sessions and educational classes aimed at exposing participants to various choices they can make to live a healthy lifestyle. 

    Stays here can be as short as two nights or as long as one week and they typically focus on detox and weight-loss. One might be thinking that it is all work at bootcamps, but that is not the case as there are post workout luxury pampering, fun team games, and delicious nutritional meals all available to guests for maximum relaxation. 

    If you enjoy working out, then these bootcamps are for you. Bear in mind though that some demand more vigorous workouts than others, so, you may want to check their website to be sure.   

    Hotel Spas

    These are located within the environments of a hotel and serve the purpose of attracting more customers to the hotel; they serve as an excellent addition to the establishment’s facilities. A hotel spa is just right for people who would like to add body treatment to their other vacation activities. 

    As is usual, they have the overall basic body treatment that is expected. While they are often open to cater to people without a hotel booking, access to certain treatments and services are limited until a booking is confirmed. 

    Benefits of Spa Treatments

    This may come as a surprise to you, but there are people who still argue that there are no real benefits to having frequent spa visits. This could not be any less untrue and for your benefit and those who are yet to be convinced, here are two of the many benefits of being a regular at these body treatment centers. 

    • Anti-aging: Many of these body treatments help to slow down ageing. Facials especially have been found to delay the formation of wrinkles by hydrating the skin and stimulating skin cells. Additionally, allowing yourself time to unwind and de-stress is an effective anti-ageing technique. Visit to learn more about anti-ageing. 
    • Aches and Pain relief: Activities like workouts, sleeping on bad mattresses, or sitting for extended periods of time can cause aches and pains. Massages offered at these body treatment centers work great in relieving pains and aches. 


    Spa treatments also help in improving sleep as many customers have reported that they slept longer than they normally would after receiving these relaxing body treatments. While it may be difficult to afford a day-to-day relaxion life, setting aside a specific time in a week or month for your body to unwind and be taken care of may just be enough to keep your body stronger, and your skin younger for longer.