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Types of Weed Concentrates: What To Look For

    If you are part of the cannabis community at one point or another you’re going to want to explore different experiences. After all, cannabis consumption, in general is about the experience for many people. At times, it’s not just your personal experience smoking a particular type of weed. It’s also a communal experience. 

    Where you can hang out and get in a few puffs here and there from whatever you have at the middle of the table. Even if you’re open to a new experience, it’s always a good idea to get to know what you are about to experience before you try it. Here are a couple of different types of weed concentrates that you may be interested in! 

    Shatter – Why It May Work For You

    When you’re looking for something that’s a bit stronger than the regular stuff that you typically roll up in a joint, shatter may just be it for you. It’s usually a brittle orange or yellow substance that you need to get hot to smoke it properly. That’s why it’s typically recommended that you use some type of vaporizing method to smoke it.

    Speaking of smoking methods, that’s certainly something that can factor into your decision of what to smoke. If you like the experience of rolling up the joint then maybe going to the weed concentrate route may not be ideal for you. On the other hand, for folks who are more into the communal effects, these substances can be perfect. You can use a larger desktop vape and get everyone involved in the experience. 

    Honey Oil in Wax

    Essentially honey oil, is also used to make shatter. Wax is another one of the widespread cannabis concentrates that people associate with honey oil. The term, by the way, comes from the color and the consistency that the hemp oil gets when it’s turned into these concentrates. One of the best things about wax is that through a syringe you can potentially use it in a wide variety of smoking methods. From the simplest form that would be getting it directly in a vape pen cartridge.

    You can use it in a dabbing rig. Wax is also something that you can put in a joint. The substance does give you a more powerful kick. Some of the honey oil Canada producers offer is very favorable as well. Overall, it’s certainly another valid option to consider.      

    Try Some Gummies

    This next suggestion may seem like it’s coming way out of left field. Particularly when compared to some of the other options that we explored. However, gummies can be a great way to regulate your THC intake. You don’t have to light up anything to get yourself immersed in the experience. Sure, you probably won’t get the big kick that these other two options offer. 

    Still, gummies can be a good way to get some of the real health benefits of weed on the go. Certainly prepping the other two options that we talked about can be an art form even. It’s just that sometimes you don’t have that kind of time to sit and enjoy the whole experience.