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Ultimate Nutrition BCAA Review

    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA reviews

    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA reviews

    BCAA is an acronym standing for branched-chain amino acid. These include several types of essential amino acids, which are the amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize on its own. Therefore, they need to be ingested either via food or via supplements such as this one.

    Ultimate Nutrition is a big and famous name in the fitness world, and was founded all the way back in 1979 during the Golden Age of bodybuilding.

    Over time, they have steadily grown into one of the biggest players in the field, and their inventory includes pretty much everything – from amino acid tablets and protein powder, to fat burners and pre-workout cocktails.

    Whereas you don’t necessarily need caffeine or creatine for a successful workout and palpable results, it is an entirely different story with amino acids. They are extremely helpful for building and maintaining muscle mass, and even more important for recovery.

    Ultimate Nutrition takes pride in the fact that they were among the first companies to offer such supplements, which remain some of their most popular products to this day. Their offer includes several BCAA products which differ mainly in terms of the form the supplement takes: softgel capsule and flavored or unflavored powder.

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    Let us start off with a summary of how protein synthesis works: you ingest protein, your body digests it into amino acids and then uses those amino acids to synthesize its own protein. This protein is then used as part of your bodily functions, including muscle building.

    As mentioned above, essential amino acids are those which must be ingested, since your body can’t create them on its own.

    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA reviews

    Now, you may look at the label and notice that the total protein content of Ultimate Nutrition BCAA supplements is less than that of a regular whey protein supplement. This is due to the fact that a Ultimate Nutrition BCAA focuses on providing you with quality, rather than quantity.

    Not to imply that whey protein is low quality, but it simply does not include as many different amino acids as a Ultimate Nutrition BCAA supplement does. What’s more, these amino acids are pre-digested which means your body does not have to spend time and energy digesting them, and they are absorbed much more easily and quickly.

    Primarily, branched-chain amino acids serve to prevent catabolism. That is, they prevent your body from breaking down the muscles for food. This is extremely important both when you’re trying to lose fat but keep the muscle, and when you’re committed to a program comprised of long and intense training sessions.

    Moreover, they also increase endurance and help your muscles recover quicker by providing them with the best possible nutrients.


    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA reviews

    Each of the Ultimate Nutrition BCAA supplements produced by Ultimate Nutrition include all three of the branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. They offer a total of four different BCAA supplements:

    • BCAA 12.000 Powder
    • BCAA Softgels
    • Flavored BCAA 12.000 Powder
    • Crystalline BCAA

    As mentioned above, these differ primarily in terms of which form the supplement takes (capsule or powder), while their content remains mostly the same. You can see the details of each product on their respective official pages listed above.


    It doesn’t matter what type of physical activity you indulge in, Ultimate Nutrition’s BCAA supplements will help you attain better results very quickly. Those engaging in endurance-based sports and activities such as cycling or running, will benefit the most from these products.

    However, Ultimate Nutrition BCAA supplements are also very popular among amateur gym-goers and professional weightlifters alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilder aiming at building muscle mass or a powerlifter striving to maximize your strength gains, these amino acid supplements will definitely help you raise the bar higher than before.

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    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA


    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA supplements have a highly encouraging rating of 8.4 on one of the Internet’s fitness hubs. Those who have used these products are satisfied both with the results and with the flavor (if they picked the flavored ones, that is).

    According to several reviews, these supplements provide noticeable improvements to stamina and recovery time almost immediately after the user added them to their diet or their pre-workout shake. Not only that, but users also praise the price/quality ratio of these products, especially when you take into account just how inexpensive they are.


    Do you want more endurance? Longer and more intense training sessions? Do you want to recover from exhausting physical activity in significantly less time than it took before? Then any of these BCAA supplements made by Ultimate Nutrition is the right choice for you.

    They accommodate for a variety of tastes and requirements, so you can get them in any form you want and with a number of flavors. Also, it need not be said that Ultimate Nutrition has wholly earned that name, given their 35+ year track record of customer satisfaction.

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    Ultimate Nutrition BCAA