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Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein Review

    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein review

    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein review

    Whey protein is the nectar of gods when it comes to workout. It’s a must for every person who is taking their sessions seriously.

    That’s why I decided to check out Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein, and find out is it any good.

    Once you decide to become a lean, mean workout machine, you want to see effects quickly. You also want to skip that terrible post-workout muscle pain. I know I do.

    Weightlifting gods swear that the one thing that helps them achieve this is whey protein. So, I had to look up what whey protein should do before I tried Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein.

    What I found out is that if you want to gain more muscle mass, and increase your strength, you need whey protein.

    When you work out, your muscles are working overtime, they suffer damage, and they need more protein to turn into mass and strength.

    If you don’t supply them with enough protein through food, you will get shredded, but you won’t see serious gains, and you might even hurt yourself.

    That is where whey protein steps in. We need it right after a workout, to supply our muscles with everything they need in order to grow and repair themselves.

    That way, not only are you feeding your muscles, you are also making sure that you don’t feel that terrible day-after, post-workout muscle pain.

    What Is Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein

    According to the manufacturer, this powder is a powerful whey mix that contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides.

    It is supposed to be easily mixed with water or milk. One serving of 30 grams contains 25 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 2 grams of carbs. You get 80 servings in one container, which should be enough for three months.


    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein review

    Before I consume anything, I check out the ingredients list. I don’t want an unpleasant surprise.

    So, as you saw above, this is a whey blend, which means that it contains all three effective whey ingredients, each with certain benefits.

    But, that’s not all that goes into the Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein, there’s also some salt, artificial sweeteners, natural flavors, and soy lecithin.

    Simply put – it’s safe, and artificial sweeteners are of the non-dangerous kind, so I can continue.

    The taste test

    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein review

    The very first I noticed is that Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein comes in a whole bunch of different tastes.

    You can take vanilla crème, raspberry, strawberry, banana, chocolate, or the pure natural flavor of whey. Since I’m really not ready to try whey natural flavor, I ordered a big tub of Chocolate Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein.

    I tried some of the whey protein shakes that other guys at my gym are taking, and the most common problems I noticed is that they don’t mix very well with water, and that they taste like chalk with a slight sugary aroma.

    So, I was ready to taste that when I made my first batch of Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein. I just mixed it with cold water in a shaker bottle, and took one careful gulp.

    To be completely honest with you, the taste was great, but it hadn’t blended with water completely. After a few additional ferocious shakes, it was well blended, and the taste was awesome, rich and creamy, not overwhelming, just very chocolaty.

    To me, this is reason enough to order a new tub when I spend this one.


    I felt like I had more energy during my sessions, it helped me recover after intense lifting, and I was full for a while after every shake. After a month, I gained some mass, and I’m pretty satisfied, so I’ll keep using it.

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    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein reviews

    Side Effects

    Well, I’ve been taking Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein for a month now, and there are no side effects. Now, I’m guessing that’s because I have no allergies to any of the ingredients, and I’m not lactose intolerant.

    If you’re thinking about buying this product, check the ingredient list first, to see if you are allergic to any of its contents.

    I also checked out what other users are saying, and I saw literally no claims of side effects online.

    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein Reviews

    Just like with everything else, I love to hear what other people think. Gave it to the guys at my gym, they loved the taste.

    Every review that I found online had only positive impressions about Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein, and they all claim that it’s working for them.

    The Verdict Is In

    The price is more than ok, especially when you consider that this is a high-quality product. It blends well, the taste is great, it works as it should, and there are no side effects.

    All in all, this is a well-rounded product that I can honestly recommend.

    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein – a must-have for anyone who wants to build more lean muscle and gain more strength. If you want to be sure that your muscles recuperate from demanding sessions, and that they grow – you know what to do.

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    Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein powder