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Unique Ideas for Hot Tub Enclosures

    Purchasing a hot tub is a very exciting time, and the next step is choosing what type of enclosure you will use with it. There are so many different options available and ones that suit every style and budget. From simple, economical structures to elaborate custom decking that seamlessly integrates with your garden and landscaping, there truly is something for everyone. In the article below, we will discuss some of the more popular hot tub enclosures to start giving you some ideas for your new hot tub.

    Country Style

    If you are seeking a farm style rustic look for your hot tub, try a country style enclosure. The hot tub is surrounded by stone walls with wooden posts and an attached metal roof that has a look similar to an old barn. Colors can be customized and the surrounding area can be accessorized with potted plants and an outdoor fireplace.

    Extended Deck

    If your home already has a large deck, placing your hot tub on it and adding an enclosure with walk up steps is a great way to extend your living space. Convenient, modern and just steps away from your home, you can enjoy relaxing in your hot tub any time of day or night. Adding a BBQ area, patio furniture or outdoor bar will make your hot tub area the focal point of your home and social gatherings.


    Looking for a dramatic statement enclosure for your hot tub? Try hanging curtains! Install four posts in a pergola design around the hot tub and hang curtains from the top. You can easily have an open-air and elegant hot tub enclosure or a little more privacy by closing the curtains.

    Sun Shade

    Sun shades can be very practical for many hot tub bathers. The unit installs around the hot tub with four posts and includes canvas on the top and around the sides. You can roll up the side canvas for an open-air feel. Sun shades help provide a great amount of sun protection and helps keep bathers cool.


    Building a gazebo around your hot tub can help provide an elegant and rustic focal point for your backyard. It also provides tons of protection for your hot tub from the elements, leaves, and the sun. You can build just the roof of the gazebo or go all in and build a wooden deck around the hot tub.

    Wishing Well Roof

    For a more whimsical look for your hot tub, try a wishing well roof. This provides a covering to protect bathers from direct sunlight but allow them to look around your backyard. You can even create small stone steps and enclose the hot tub with stone to make it look like a wishing well.


    For a super-summery vibe, try a cabana-style hot tub enclosure. It includes four wooden posts that hold up a canvas umbrella. It’s perfect for keeping leaves out of your hot tub and help protect against sunburn. One downside is it can get quite hot on very sunny days which can get uncomfortable in a hot tub.

    You’ll find you have tons of options when deciding on a hot tub enclosure. Your only limits are you space requirements, budget, and imagination. Before selecting an enclosure, talk to your hot tub dealer to see if he has any recommendations for the style or professionals to help you out.

    About the Author

    Scott Bland has been in the leisure industry for nearly 20 years. As a sales manager in the leisure industry he knows hot tubs inside and out. Right now he works sales while writing about consumer goods on the side. If you want to contact him, you can do so at his LinkedIn.