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Unleash Your Swing: 9 of the Best Golf Clubs for Newbies

    We know what it’s like. It all starts with going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls occasionally. Then, you borrow a golf bag of clubs from a family member or friend and play a few rounds of golf.

    Suddenly, you’ve got the bug. You love the game.  All you can think about is golf – and getting your own set of clubs.

    Most good, more experienced golfers have high-quality golf clubs. But these are expensive. That’s why people recommend you start by buying a set of golf clubs for beginners.

    As a beginner golfer, it’s a tricky business buying a set of golf clubs. First, your swing hasn’t settled down and you haven’t yet got a feel for the game. Second, you lack the experience to be able to judge whether one make or type of club is better for you than another.

    Luckily, golf club manufacturers now make reasonably priced, good quality clubs, especially for beginners.  We’ve collected together info from a few reviews here for you. In no particular order, let’s get to it!

    1 Bullet .444 Complete Set for Women

    The Bullet .444 Complete Set for women is an excellent option for beginners who want confidence in their long game. The set of clubs is called “complete” because it is sold with a golf bag. Teenagers just starting out enjoy this set, as do women who enjoy a casual game with friends on the weekend.

    This inexpensive set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid wood, a 7-iron, and a putter. All clubs have graphite shafts, while the driver, fairway wood and hybrid wood have titanium clubs heads. The 7-iron is the only true iron in the set, which will present difficulties for shots out of the sand trap and around the green.

    We would prefer to see a sand wedge or a pitching wedge included in the set. Nevertheless, the woods are a definite plus. The combination of the graphite shaft and titanium head makes all three woods relatively flexible and light.

    Using these woods simply makes it easier to hit better shots. And that’s just the kind of encouragement beginner golfer’s need. You can worry about perfecting your bunker shots and short game later.

    What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

    A hybrid club is a golf club that incorporates designs from both irons and woods while differing from both.

    Many players find it difficult to hit the long irons (numbers 1-4) well, due to their low trajectory and very small clubface.

    Like fairway woods, hybrids have a larger “sweet spot” on the clubface. Unlike fairway woods, the back of the hybrid clubhead is designed for effective use in the rough, like an iron. The hybrid’s lie, length, and weight are comparable to those of an iron.

    In other words, it is a legal golf club that makes hitting the perfect shot easier and is therefore ideal for recreational and competitive golf alike.

    How Many Clubs Can You Carry in Your Bag?

    The maximum number of golf clubs that you can carry in your golf bag is 14. In addition, during any round of golf, if it is anything other than purely social or recreational, you may not borrow anyone else’s clubs or store them in your bag during the round of golf.

    2 Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Set

    Our second pick for women is the Precise Deluxe Women’s Petite Complete Set.

    This set is designed as one would expect, for the petite woman, which, in golfing terms refers to any woman whose height is 5’5″ or less.

    The set of clubs comprises a 460cc 13 drive, a 3-wood, a 24-hybrid wood, multi-purpose 6/7 and 8/9-irons, and a pitching wedge (PW) and s sand-wedge (SW) iron, and a putter. The woods have an aerodynamically shaped clubhead, giving increased swing speed and resulting in greater distance on the ball. Multi-purpose irons, like hybrid wood, make even the most difficult shots easier with the greater loft they provide.

    3 Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set

    One of the best brands has made its mark on women’s clubs. The Callaway Strata Plus women’s golf club set is an excellent option for women of any age or skill level who are serious about golf at a high level.

    This set has a 460cc driver, an 18-degree 5-wood, a hybrid club, two wedges, 6 through 9 irons and a T-shaped putter, and a golf bag.

    Each of the clubs in this set is made with flexible and “forgiving” graphite composite shafts. The irons are clean hitting and perimeter weighted. The wide-faced, titanium driver focuses on distance. There is an overwhelming number of positive reviews of this make on retail sites. 

    To our way of thinking, this could be the best value for money. The clubs will last you well until you reach at least a 14 handicap. You might start wanting to look further afield after that, but these clubs will certainly go the distance and take you far. 

    4 Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate

    The Callaway Men’s Strata is the men’s version of #3, featuring forgiving 3- and 5-woods. The clubs are fashioned to promote shot distance, ball control and forgive those imperfections in your swing. Just what a beginner needs!

    The twelve clubs you get in the bag are a 460cc driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, four irons, two wedges, and a putter. Strata sets that have only 10 or 8 clubs are also available and are suitable for beginners.

    5 Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Set

    For a brand that’s been intimately connected with the history of golf for over a century, it gives us much pleasure to tell you that Wilson measures up perfectly.

    This standard set of clubs gives beginners everything they need to play golf but doesn’t require a significant outlay. The Ultra set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 4 hybrid, irons 5 through 9, a pitching wedge and a putter. This set uses steel shafts and standards grips and is designed for men shorter than 6’2”.

    Traveling With Your Clubs

    Golfing families going on road trips often have a problem: where to stash away the golf clubs. A  Roof Box for golf clubs is what you need. The roof cargo box is a convenient way to store and protect your clubs while traveling on the road. Remember to pack your kids’ clubs too!

    6 Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

    This great set of clubs for children aged 9 to 12 is simple, small and well-made. The set of seven clubs includes a 15-degree titanium-matrix driver, a 21-degree fairway wood, a 29-degree hybrid wood, a 7/8 iron, 9/PW iron, sand wedge, and a putter.

    Golf is a great game to learn young. Ask anyone who starts as a junior golfer. Warning: Your children may start playing better than you do more quickly than you think, and with fewer clubs in their bag.

    7 Golf Clubs For Beginners and For Seniors

    The Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set is superbly engineered for senior citizens. It is also suitable for beginners who would like to improve their game. If you’re having difficulties with your regular irons, why not make your life easier with this complete set of hybrid clubs?

    There are eight light-weight clubs in this set, including a pitching wedge, for all those sand traps you still go into. Although the clubs are designed for senior golfers, these clubs are ideal for beginners. Their aerodynamic design creates greater clubhead speed allowing you to hit the ball further. A perfect way to boost your confidence, on your way to becoming a better golfer.

    8 Not All the Best Clubs Come In Sets

    It happens too often not to mention it.  Golfers all have their quirks. These are quite often expressed in their preference for a unique, special driver. The technology involved in developing a club head and shaft that does justice to your tee-shot continues to progress.

    Once you have improved, and by way of incentive, you might want to treat yourself to just one truly excellent club. If that’s the case, we recommend the TaylorMade M6 Driver 10.5°. Pro golfers the world over swear by it! 

    9 Odyssey EXO Rossie Golf Putter

    It is all very impressive to be a big hitter we know. But we would like to point out that the game of golf if about getting the little white ball down a hole 4.25 inches in diameter. When it comes down to the wire, you need a putter that feels like an extension in your hand. 

    Like the Odyssey EXO Rossie Golf Putter, for instance. Imagine pushing the boundary with that:

    The ten-foot putt; smooth backswing, smooth but firm foreswing, making perfect contact with the ball; your head motionless and down until you hear the ball curling into the pot. Priceless!

    Worth Remembering

    We have highlighted some of the best choices you can make when looking at golf clubs for beginners. We’ll admit that the last two items were included to give you the motivation to improve.

    It is also worth remembering that by acquiring solid golf skills with any one of the beginner sets we’ve picked out, you can become a very good golfer. And you can enjoy the game while you’re doing it.