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Unlock Your Natural Beauty With Brow Lift Surgery

    As you age, your eyebrows may start to sag creating a not-so-appealing tired look that makes you look older. This can significantly affect your mood and self-confidence. In severe cases, drooping eyebrows can affect your vision. Fortunately, Scarsdale brow lift experts offer brow lift surgery that guarantees dramatically excellent results that will leave you looking young, refreshed, and beautiful.

    What can an eyebrow lift procedure accomplish?

    An eyebrow lift also referred to as forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that enhances your facial appearance by lifting your brow and forehead’s skin and soft tissue. A brow lift surgery significantly improves your ability to open your eyes by reducing your eyebrows’ weight on your eyelids. The expected results should be subtle and in alignment with other features of your face and not a surprised look. An eyebrow lift can be conducted in conjunction with blepharoplasty in enhancing the facial appearance and restore your line of vision. Like all types of cosmetic facial surgeries, brow lifts can receive various tweaks to fit the dimensions and characteristics of a man or a woman’s face.

    How does your doctor improve your looks through an eyebrow lift?

    The procedure begins with small incisions made on your scalp. Before the procedure, Dr. Schwarcz will give you local anesthesia that will prevent you from feeling pain. Dr. Schwarcz will make small incisions on your forehead along your hairline. He will then use an endoscope to examine the tissues and muscles around the target area. Afterward, the eyebrows lift a little higher than those surrounding areas using temporary screws or sutures. Dr. Schwarcz will then raise the skin on your forehead and your underlying tissues to achieve the desired appearance. A brow lift mainly repairs drooping eyebrows while improving your general appearance by giving you a rejuvenated natural look.

    What improvements do you get after a brow lift?

    Initial recovery, which may involve removing your sutures, takes around ten days from the day of surgery. You may notice some swelling and mild bruising, which is temporary.  To make the bruising less noticeable, you can apply makeup to the affected areas. The swelling and lines of the incision will fade over time. Dr. Schwarcz will also offer other instructions to ensure the procedure is successful. Full recovery usually takes several months. There is no surgical procedure without side effects and an eyebrow lift is no exception. Some of the side effects include numbness and headaches. Dr. Schwarcz is a certified cosmetic surgeon with ample experience giving you a youthful look with a few incisions on your face to prevent major health complications. This procedure also strengthens your facial muscles giving you a refreshed look and unlocking your natural beauty. You can use this procedure to regain the look lost by age or an injury.

    Do not allow drooping eyelids to affect your self-confidence or, in severe cases, your vision when a simple surgical procedure can easily fix it. For more information, contact the office or schedule an online appointment.