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Unraveling Truth: Can Essential Oils Really Help You Lose Weight?

    detox and lose weight with essential oils

    detox and lose weight with essential oils

    Since a long time ago, people have been peddling on the healing abilities and benefits of essential oils for almost everything. Even though study and research on their efficacy are oftentimes limited, there’s evidence to strongly suggest that some essential oils posses medicinal properties. Essential oils are often seen as natural alternatives to conventional medications. They are distilled, pressed from verdure and left in their rawest, purest form.

    If you are trying to shed some pounds and wondering if these oils directly promote weight loss, here’s the truth. Essential oils aren’t weight loss miracle on their own. But because of certain medicinal properties, they provide you with quite a lot of complimentary benefits. Essential oils are particularly useful to enhance your diet, balance your mood, curb your appetite, improve digestion and boost your metabolism. We’re not using far-fetched or twisted logic right here to convince you. If you just look closer, there’s really something good going on. Hear what research says.

    In 2014, a study on chemical compounds of juniper suggests that it contains rich antioxidant and anti-obesity properties making it a very helpful tool in weight loss management. Sage has been widely used in many Asian countries for its medicinal effects. In a 2013 study, researchers found medicinal properties in sage that can help protect our body from oxidative stress which often leads to serious conditions such as diabetes and obesity. On the other hand, researchers found protective properties that can help reduce body weight gain from garlic essential oils in an animal study conducted in 2014.

    How exactly essential oils work?

    Nothing you take or rub onto the body will burn the fats in any way but grapefruit essential oil can help you detox your body from toxins and fats. Essential oil isn’t something you diffuse into the air and magically lose weight. But it is something that can help you improve your digestive health and boost metabolism that stop cravings, leave you feeling full after meals and give your body more energy for physical activities.

    Essential oils do not promote weight loss directly. Truth hurts, right? You can’t expect to reduce some pounds after using essential oils when you are most likely to reach fast food or unhealthy snacks. And certainly, you cannot lose weight when you can’t keep up with your daily exercise routine regardless how much oils you’ve used. Sure. You’ll need more than using essential oils in order to lose weight. If you’re considering peppermint or grapefruit essential oils in the hopes of getting rid of love handles, be sure to manage your expectations.

    The idea behind it is if you combine these essential oils with regular exercise, healthy and balanced diet, you are better positioned to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Nothing worth having comes easy. In order to see and achieve great results, you need to get up and follow an exercise routine. The struggles of weightlifting, choosing your vegetables over fast foods and adding essential oils to your weight loss management plan are all it takes to succeed. If you really want to know the most effective ways to getting rid of love handles, begin your weight loss journey right here, right now. Just remember, take no shortcuts.